Casmara Face Masks

Casmara Luxury Algae Peel-Off Face Mask


Using seaweed extract, Casmara’s algae-based LUXURY face mask aims to firm the skin and reduce puffiness.

Unusually, it can be applied over closed eyes and lips, targeting these often neglected areas. Just make sure you have somewhere to lie down, relax and not be disturbed while the mask works its magic.

It has a cooling effect, lowering the temperature of the skin under it by up to 6 degrees Celsius, which helps reduce redness and puffiness, giving the skin a plumper, smoother appearance.

The formula will set on the skin, so it will be peeled off at the end. This helps lift dead skin and other impurities off the skin’s surface.


Casmara Hydra Algae Peel-Off Face Mask


Similar to the mask above, the HYDRA version uses seaweed extra as an essential ingredient, as well as Wakame kelp extract,  to firm and moisturise – this is the one to choose if you have dehydrated skin. It sets on the skin and peels away, leaving refreshed and moisture-boosted skin behind!




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