Improve your look AND cut down on your beauty bill!

Looking a million dollars needn’t cost hundreds of euros because all you need to do is…..


Was I shouting there?!


It’s just, I’m so excited to tell you all about TK Maxx’s BIGGEST beauty event EVER with thousands of the worlds best known, luxurious beauty brands ALL at a fraction of the normal price.

Buying quality beauty products at an affordable price, has never been so accessible.

Everything is up to 60% LESS THAN THE RRP.

I know, I know, I’m shouting again!

But if you’re a beautinista like me and you love luxe beauty lines AND you love a bargain, prepare to be amazed.

I got a chance to have a sneak peek the other day and picked up some cool new products I’ve actually only read about before.

I also grabbed refills of my favourites for far less than what I usually pay.

I stocked up on some masks-I never seem to have enough-I’m actually wearing one right now as I’m writing this, as I grabbed a handful of these Korean ones, because that’s the thing with shopping in TK Maxx, you have to grab it before it’s gone.

The price was just too good to leave them there.

I also scored some serious serums and SPFs from a v. famous Hollywood cosmetic surgeon.

Actually anything with a Doctor’s name attached to it, I have to have.

Some of the most amazing bargains I have in my beauty arsenal have come from TK Maxx.

But if you’re not sure what to splash the cash on, here’s my savvy gals guide to improving your look AND cutting down on your beauty bill at the same time.


1.Before you go in store – check what you have at home and decide what you need.

2.Make a shopping list.

3.Have fun!

It’s the thrill of the find; you just never know what you might come across

Now let’s go shopping…

Buying quality beauty products at an affordable price, has never been so accessible at Tk Maxx.



Let’s start with the basics and what everyone should have in their kit…

I prefer to invest in skincare over cosmetics.

I really put the effort into choosing suitable skincare products rather than splurging on the latest limited edition make up.

I also believe in the K.I.S.S. method, that’s Keep It Short and Simple.

I cleanse, moisturize and apply sunscreen every morning while at night I do the same but skip the SPF and use a night cream

Great skin begins with clean skin.

There are so many cleansers out there and it’s important that you choose the right format for your skin type.

Normal to dry skin-try a balm with a muslin cloth.

Oily skin-try a foaming rinse off wash.

Like a good bra-moisturizer supports everything you layer on top of it.

Your face will feel just as lifted as your chest!

Normal skin- try a lotion or light cream.

Oily skin-try a gel formula.

Dry skin-try a rich balm.


Nighttime is sometimes the only time a busy Mum like me gets to give my skin some extra TLC by just slapping on a specific night cream.

Since you don’t wear them underneath foundation or in the sun, they contain the highest concentrations of anti-aging compounds.

As with your day cream, look for a product that matches your skin type.

Oily skin-look for noncomedogenic.

Dry skin-look for one with fatty acids to rehydrate the skin.


Serums penetrate deeper into the skin than moisturiser and treat various skin conditions, such as dark spots, redness or dehydration.

Oily skin- try one with glycolic acid or retinol to help smooth your skin’s texture, accelerate cellular turnover, and prevent clogged pores.

Dry skin –try one with hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate and brighten the skin.


Tech neck is a thing now as we spend so much time on our phones leads to sagging skin, drooping jowls, and creasing above our clavicle.

It can also lead to more lines and creases around your chin and neck area.
So repeat after me….

Brow to bust, brow to bust.

Skincare shouldn’t stop at your chin; always bring your products right down to your bust or invest in a specific neck/décolletage cream.


We always talk about the face but don’t forget the body

Exfolaition is key as it removes dead skin and bacteria, opening pores to stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems.

I love a body cream bottle with a pump  – it’s makes it really quick and easy to apply-no faffing around.


Regardless of your skin type or tolerance of UVA, or UVB this is the single most effective thing you can do to preserve and maintain your skin over time.

Always look for broad spectrum creams.

Remember suncream can go off so check the label.

Always apply 20 mins before you go out in the sun –as they evaporate very quickly in the sun.

Don’t forget lips and ears!

Normal skin, choose a lotion or a light cream.

Oily skin, choose a powder or very light lotion for your sunscreen.

Dry skin, a rich cream.


There are some really great beauty accessories at TK Maxx like magnifying mirrors, microfiber hair turbans and cleansing cloths, exfoliating mitts, face cloths for using with balms or cleansers, eye masks, hair bands, sleeping masks, shower caps, dry body brushes, detangling brushes….. shall I go on!I’m running out of breath AND I need to get back to the store to grab more bargains !

Happy shopping!

** This is sponsored blog post in association with Tk Maxx **


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