Life Column: Give Me Skin

Out-of-this world brushes, mascara to make you go oooh and a few name drops – Triona McCarthy has the newbies on everyone’s wish list.


Triona’s Top Trends

When I’m – finally – crowned Kween of Ireland, I’m granting us all an extra month of summer! All this ‘routine restored’ business as children return to school is tres difficile (no idea why I needed to say that in French…)

Anyhoo, until my coronation let’s just concentrate on some new and positive changes in our skincare as we settle into the darker evenings. Now, everyone needs to  know about CereVe, the cheap-as-chips, cult American skincare brand much recommended by US dermatologists.

If you only buy one thing, make it the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, €9, as it cleans your skin and hydrates at the same time. I use it for my face and my body! It even removes make-up without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier, using its patented MVE formulation, which helps essential ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin to hydrate and nourish.

When it’s time to treat yourself, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Treatment, €98, is worth the splurge. The clue is in the name – this is designed to give you the flawless look that comes from having ‘good genes’. The clinically proven formula is packed with potent ingredients, including lactic acid to slough away dead skin cells while plumping out wrinkles and fine lines. It also works well on pigmentation, I find. There you go now, puss and purse satisfied!


Most Wanted

The Scandi sister brand to H&M, & Other Stories, has released its first haircare collection. It consists of shampoos and conditioners, a beach spray, and a scap scrub, all of which are categorised into three different lines: Restore, Universal and Fullness. The formulas are fab, especially the Fullness Thickening Cream, €15, but the fragrance – from world-renowned perfumer Jerome Epinette of Byredo fame- is the range’s USP. I don’t need to wear anything else when I’ve got this cream in my hair. OK, on reading that back, I’m lol-ing, but you get me, dontcha?


Nailing it!

I thought I’d give my nails a break from constant Shellac-ing when I was in west Cork over the summer, and go for a more natural nail, like Hailey Baldwin regularly rocks. But judging duties at Schull Regatta and Agricultural Show called, and I thought it best to book in, online, with The Beauty Spot in Skibbereen, which is one of west Cork’s longest established beauty salons. Amanda was an absolute superstar. She removed, for free – other salons, take note – what was left of my previous Shellac and did my hands and my feet (€30 each) in just over an hour! So when  I shook hands with the legendary Jeremy Irons, I was rocking red nails and not a red face!



Moon Bot

Will, my husband, is a design engineer. This much I know. But what he actually does all day at work, I wasn’t really sure. Until, that is, I overheard him talking to my brother Brendan, while they were watching the news. The story was about a rocket going to outer space, and Will was saying he was the one who designed the – how can I put it politely? – package the NASA astronauts put their, um, personal waste in!

Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 is a galaxy-inspired collection that is also, eh, out-of-this-world. I love the Cosmic Sponge Duo, €12.99, as they are great for getting make-up into all the contours of the face.



Triona’s Trick

If sweating was fashionable, I’d be a supermodel! Espadrilles make my feet schweat badly; so what did I do when I wanted to wear then and had only beauty products to help? I sprayed dry shampoo into them to absorb sweat and odour.



Cult Product

I slept with Ewan McGregor. On a flight from New York to London. In business class. Now, by slept with, what I really mean is we slept right next to each other. With just a little partition thingy between us, What a climax to my story, eh?

Which leads me on to a new mascara from Nars, named, you guessed it, Nars Climax Mascara, €25. The, eh, ribbed bristles and potent pigments will give you lashes as full and tall as my tales!


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