London Fashion Week: Halpern Spring 2018

Michael Halpern put on a stellar runway with his ambitious ready-to-wear collection of shimmering galaxy fabrics, animal patterns (I’m talking sequined cheetah print here) and a range of shapes, with dresses, pantsuits and jackets on display.


Photo: @halpernstudio


Sheer and solid fabrics played peek-a-boo with the body in a tasteful manner, enhancing the feminine shape without giving it away. A buffet of texture, colour and cut, each look really had runway appeal, enhanced by a wet-look hair and high-shine skin that mirrored the gleaming fabric choices.


Photo: @studiohalpern


MAC were the masters behind Halpern’s catwalk make-up this season. The shining faces united the models as a group, but there were alternating lip and eye colours for each model. Some sported a gently smoked eye and nude lips, others were bare on both the eye and lip, whilst several power-pouted with the help of luscious reds. The variation worked a treat, each accompanied by slightly slick strands of hair sweeping across the upper forehead.


Photo: @studiohalpern





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