Mugler’s Les Exceptions Fragrance Collection

Mugler brought two spectacular perfume-designers, Olivier Polge and Jean-Christolphe Herault, into the fold when they set out to create the Les Exceptions fragrance collection. It seems safe to say that it was a successful collaboration, if these bottles of gorgeousness are anything to go by!

This collection is particularly special because it brings back the memories of the classic perfumes and scents we associated with our parents or grandparents. They’re not quite reminiscent of the immortal 4711 Eau of Cologne, but there is definitely nostalgia here. The six fragrances bring a mix of classic scents such as floral, musk, oriental and fern together, with a little variation on each, in order to create something new.


Oriental Express pays homage to the scents of the East, using blends of sandalwood and vanilla to set the scene, followed with an unexpected punch of a carrot base. Leathery notes meet spicy star anise in Cuir Impertinent, a dark, yet aromatic hit for the senses. Supra Floral is the feminine bottle in this line-up, with a bold choice of the hyacinth as its central note. The welcome addition of incense gives a smoky touch to prevent too much flower power. In contrast, masculinity can be sensed in Fougere Furieuse, with aromatic hints of oakmoss and geranium, balanced with a feminine touch of neroli. This is where man meets woman and it’s a pretty sexy result. Chyprissime’s secret is almost given away in the name. A traditional blend of bergamot orange, oak moss, Cistus labdanum and patchouli makes up the chypre scent. However, this classic is given a twist, with hints of summery pear, for a fresh, but deep result. And finally, there is that classic musk – or at least a tribute to it. In fact, it’s called Over The Musk, a fitting name for this reimagining, with the musk lying side-by-side with ambrette seeds, for a sensual scent that captivates and surprises.


Somehow both nostalgic and modern, these perfumes are individually lovely and yet, very much complimentary as a whole. It is definitely worth the time to sample each one and find the one that appeals most.

Les Exceptions are available at Brown Thomas, €170 per 80ml Eau de Parfum bottle.

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