My Time with Skincare Brand Declaré Switzerland

I must tell you about a press trip I took earlier this year with skincare brand Declaré Switzerland. The lovely owners and team, as well as their product, clearly left a fantastic impression on me as I’ve written about several of their skincare options since.


The view from outside the Declare production factory in Switzerland. How gorgeous!


Declaré is a range of heavenly products designed for sensitive skin. Starting in the 1970’s with the enigmatic Mr Troll (who still heads the company, with his daughter by his side), they really focused on balancing and soothing sensitive skin. And this isn’t just a light philosophy. Even when speaking to the ambassadors for the brand, you get the impression that they do really understand the needs of this skin type and are not just recycling information. And the products really do work. I don’t have super sensitive skin, so I gave the products to friends to try and they raved. The Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream, €39.50, was a standout product from the bunch!

Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream


We arrived in Switzerland late in the evening and went straight over the border into Austria towards our hotel in Lochau, the SENTIDO See Am Kaiserland – a modern, bright building set on the enormous Lake Constance. The highlight was the stunning Swiss mountain views across the lake, complete with snow-topped peaks. Heaven. Our rooms were so spacious – something even the best hotels can’t manage unless you’re forking out for a suite – and adorned in lovely cream colours. There was a bottle of Mr Troll’s personal favourite Austrian wine waiting for us (which was very much enjoyed back on Irish shores) and a bag of lovely goodies, from the Declaré range, with a sweet note from the team. I cannot stress how kind they all were.


The view across Lake Constance from the breakfast room at our hotel, the the SENTIDO See Am Kaiserland


The next day we toured the Declaré factory in Switzerland, before driving back into Austria to see the head office. Talk about country hopping! Two important/hilarious facts must be mentioned. One, there is an actual troll statue outside Mr Troll’s office and two, he refuses to have a computer in there. Everything goes through his secretary before it can reach him, unless you pick up the phone. What a fantastic way to live and work. Us social media addicts could learn something, no? We were fully briefed on the company and its outlook, as well as the multiple product ranges they have, aimed at individual skin types, age and gender. This is a brand that takes its market and customer seriously.

Whilst touring the factory we were given a first look at Declaré’s Global Protection Serum, which is now available at Meagher’s Pharmacy for €59.50. It’s such a nice addition to your skincare. It’s light, with a pleasant scent and aims to protect you against aging via environmental factors like pollution and radiation. A few drops onto a clean face feels very cooling and soothing, and it sits perfectly under makeup. Yes, please.


Declaré’s Global Protection Serum


I won’t say that the sign of a great press trip is great food… but, well, it’s often true. One of the evenings we dined at the Rotus Haus (the Red House) in Dornbirn, the oldest restaurant in the area (the beautiful building dates back to c1640), named for the practice of painting the exterior walls with blood (although this is no longer practiced, thankfully). The food was divine and the wines and liqueurs chosen by Mr Troll, who was our host that evening, were even better.


The Rotus Haus Restaurant


The incredible dining continued the next day, as we had lunch and champagne in the mountains, overlooking Lake Constance and Lindau – we even got a tad sunburnt!


A mountain lunch with lake views!


All in all, a fabulous time. The people, products, place and dining were incredible. Everything was relaxed, but we took in so much. They Declaré team didn’t just throw brand knowledge at us, they gave us a taste of the culture and environment that the company was born from. We also got a glimpse at their sister brands, all created under the umbrella of TROLL COSMETICS, like the rich skincare-focused Juvena and haircare Marlies Moller. Juvena’s Master Caviar Day Cream is an absolute treat for the skin. It’s so rich and velvety, it gives your face an instant hit of much-needed moisture. I also loved the Marlies Moller Brilliance Colour Seal, a conditioning spray that instantly softens the hair and it smells so light and delicate. Unfortunately, neither of the latter brands are available in Ireland yet. But fingers crossed that it will be soon!

I think our group was very sad to say farewell to the Declaré team, but I have their products well stocked in my cabinet to keep me company.

Declaré is stocked in Meagher’s Pharmacy and at



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