Unlock Your A/W Capsule Wardrobe with TK Maxx

I’m obsessed with fashion, so building a working wardrobe of stellar outfits is what I know best – having been a former fashion buyer for over ten years. I’m a total Tag hag – you name the brand, I want it! I’m also a firm believer that with a carefully curated wardrobe, you’ll never have to utter the words, “I have nothing to wear” again!

But this doesn’t mean that everything must be simple, i.e. BORING. TK Maxx can help remedy this trap, as it’s a different shopping experience, allowing you to find the unexpected, as well as absolute treasures, that sit next to your current clothes perfectly.

You may even end your shopping with a unique perspective on your own style, what with the unexpected mix of labels and products. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll fall in love with something you weren’t looking for, among the ridiculous possibilities waiting to be discovered in-store.




This Autumn/Winter, there are a few unmissable finds and trends that you need to pay attention to. Let’s lay these out!

1: The cashmere knit. A quality piece of knitwear doesn’t date, fits your shape and feels divine in the winter. A pop of colour will brighten up your look – I’m a Leo, so I love a pop of orange and a neutral shade is a real multi-tasker.

Cream Sweater: €139.99, TK Maxx. Luxuriously soft!


2: The print blazer. It goes with everything. A tailored print jacket will go with all of your jeans, trousers, skirts and leathers. Wear it again and again.


Black Floral Velvet Blazer: €19.99, TK Maxx. A black floral blazer with a sharp cut, is perfection.


3: The striped shirt. A staple of every wardrobe, stripes are chic personified. I have too many striped t-shirts, so I went for a proper shirt here. It’s easy, flattering and goes with everything. Best to choose a vertical stripe – it looks better on the body.


Wide Striped Oversized Skirt: €54.99, TK Maxx. Cool, casual stripes are a win-win, every time, with everything.



4: The black wool coat. The ultimate outerwear essential. It’s the last thing you put on, but the first thing people see. Opt for one with a clever detail – a stand-up collar, leather trim or wild buttons – as it will look all the more expensive.

Black Gold Button Coat: €79.99, TK Maxx. Look out for well-cut shoulders and a little collar detail.


5: The dress is back. Find a simple black bodycon dress and style it yourself. To mimic the high-end Peter Pan vibe, as I saw an Italian label I love doing, pick up an inexpensive man’s shirt and wear it underneath for the collar and cuff detail. Add a bejewelled brooch or bright ribbon to the collar for an extra dose of pretty.



Bodycon Dress: €19.99, TK Maxx. I’m a firm believer in long sleeves when it comes to the body-con dress!


6: The embellished skirt. Add a bit of fun to your collection and wear a metallic or glittering piece with something unexpected.


Left: Blue Textured Diamond Skirt: €99.99, TK Maxx. Right: Silver Tone Metallic Skirt: €16.99, TK Maxx. Avoid boring. Go for fun, flirty, with a touch of modern glam.



Breathe… deep breaths in attempt to control severe excitement levels…

Did I mention I love Autumn/Winter fashion?

When it comes to these particular items, stock varies per store.




Finding the perfect fit is difficult at any time, but if you find a fabulous piece, that’s a little too big – it can usually be tailored easily. A good tailor is as important as a good therapist and finding a great one is a necessity for any bargainista.

Just remember sizing down is easier than trying to make things bigger. TK Maxx get regular deliveries each week, so there is always a choice of sizing in store and you’ll likely find the next size up, if you wish to make alterations to the general shape.




Quality is vital when picking out key pieces for your wardrobe.

Silk, cotton, wool, leather and suede will all wear better than less expensive man-made fabrics. Think of durability and longevity, not just the price tag. This is particularly important for A/W outfits.

Luckily, these normally very expensive pieces are way more affordable and chic, when you visit TK Maxx darling. And of course, finding something special and at a reduced price immediately invokes bragging rights. For me, this could be finding something for myself, or successfully navigating the men’s and children’s fashion for Will and the kids, or even snapping up a new mirror in homeware! #MyTKBrag

With products marked at 60% below the RRP, there really is something for everyone – something special. Just be sure to nab your fave finds while you can. With these prices and the quality of product, nothing is going to stick around in store for long. If you love it, grab it!!




The final, golden rule when it comes to the capsule concept…

Less is more.

I’m with Vivienne Westwood who said, “buy less, choose well, and mix it all.” Have a set budget, but instead of focusing on quantity, think about how many times you can wear a piece, what it will work with in your wardrobe and what occasions it’s suited to.

Don’t let an attractive price tag sway you, let an attractive garment lead you!








*This post is sponsored by TK Maxx*

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