What have you got planned for this weekend? Make sure to leave some room for a trip to the Stella cinema in Rathmines and a watch of Conor McGregor: Notorious. Whether it’s a date, a night out with the gals, or a sports-mad bunch of lads, the two options below will keep everyone happy!


So, what was the overall experience like? One word – swanky!

The old Stella cinema in Rathmines has been beautifully restored to its 1920’s glory with many Art Deco fabulous features restored or recreated such as chandeliers, ornate ceilings, marble stairs and mosaic floor.
It’s so romantic, like walking into an old movie itself and the ultimate luxe cinema experience.
Deep leather armchairs with a comfy cushion, next to a table softly lit with a lamp – perfect for popping your wine glass and snacks on. Order beforehand, for table service is at the start of the film. I can highly recommend the hot snacks like posh nachos and chicken tenders.
There’s even a leather ottoman to stretch the legs on and inside it there’s a cashmere blanket and storage for your coat and bag. The difference between this and your average cinema experience is ridiculous.
The sound quality is superb. We watched the classic Cinema Paradiso on the opening night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It’s definitely the perfect destination for a date. Romance the non-cheesy way.
Tickets are €19, cocktails from €12.


Photo: mirror.co.uk


I would never have chosen to see this, as I’ve never even watched a boxing match but lo and behold, it’s much more than that.

It’s a Guts ‘n’ Glory film of sheer determination by Conor McGregor, who had the foresight to document his life on film before he hit the big time. Smart lad!
It goes from his humble beginnings, to his blingtastic life now, with his love Dee always by his side. Behind every great man and all that!
Standout moments include Arnold Schwarzenegger visiting him and the deep bond he has with his team.
If you’re hesitating over the fact that this film revolves around sports and a sports lifestyle, don’t. It’s utterly human and fascinating, a real inside-look at the world-famous McGregor.

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