Life Mag Column: Obsessed Once Again

From tanning-disaster hacks, to whitening teeth to the max and fragrance facts, our brilliant beauty-product queen has it all, right here, right now.



Shiseido WetForce Sports BB  Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, below, €32, is the first ever very-high-SPF foundation I’ve ever used that I actually like the look of on my skin.

Shiseido WetForce Sports BB  Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

Combining their make-up expertise with their renowned suncare technology, Shiseido’s WetForce technology means the more you sweat, the stronger the sun-protection veil gets. I know, right!

So this foundation basically protects, nurtures and beautifies skin all in one. Now that’s hot!



Katie Holmes

 I popped into Preen, on Dame St in Dublin, recently. Not only did Jordan give me a beautiful blow-dry, which made me look a little like Katie Holmes, above, I also got some serious style-inspo from proprietor Katherine, with her chrome nails; and a quick make-up tutorial from former Life cover star and MUA, Nadine Reid, who is now based in the salon.

Nadine talked me through the XIP Professional range of make-up, which is exclusive to the salon. I fell in love with the amazing Platinum Passion Eyeshadow palette, €46. It has really wearable colours, including a brown which can be used on brows, and a black shadow that can be used as an eyeliner when it’s used with a wet brush.




Spotlight Teeth White Paste


Remember when Ross whitened his teeth on Friends back in the 1990s? Oh, how we laughed! I doubt that would happen nowadays, as super-white teeth are the norm these days. The bright-white boom in teeth means a whole host of home products – such as the Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips Kit, €39.95, which I really rate – have come on the market.

Now the Creaven sisters, who are both qualified dentists, have just launched their latest product, Spotlight Teeth White Paste, above €9.50. It’s specifically formulated to help maintain the results of the strips.



‘Slow hands, Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry.’ Niall Horan’s song ‘Slow Hands’ or, rather, ‘Glow Hands’ as I change it to, goes through my mind when I see the dreaded Oompa Loompa-ish hands. Guess what, gals: hair-removal cream gets rid of unwanted fake tan.



Johnny’s Chopshop Born Lucky Shampoo with a Shot of Conditioner

 The clue’s in the name, folks. Johnny’s Chopshop Born Lucky Shampoo with a Shot of Conditioner, above, €8.50, has a little conditioner in the mix, so it “leaves hair silky, smooth and not fluffy-looking”, as noted by Will, my official hair-product tester.

It’s also massively moisturising, as it contains shea butter, glycerine and pro-vitamin B. And it smells delightful.

Whenever Will washes his hair with this, he definitely gets lucky… if you know what I mean!



Obsession by Calvin Klein was the first designer fragrance I ever bought, back when I was studying beauty therapy at Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School. I felt so grown-up when I wore it, and hoped I seemed somewhat more sophisticated; just like the supermodels I was obsessed with – Kate Moss, in particular.

Little did I imagine that, 25 years later, I’d be at the exclusive launch party in London for the new Obsessed scents, which are a modern interpretation of the classic.

I got to hear Kate Moss talk about the iconic shoot she did with her then boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorrenti.

“We had nothing; we had nothing to lose, you know what I mean? Those were good times,” Mario says in a voiceover in the video, which features never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage from the campaign for fragrance. Go and watch it. It’s kind of heartbreaking, as it’s such a bittersweet love story.

But back to Obsessed. When you smell the female version of the scent, below right, from €44.50, you know it’s related to Obsession, but it’s edgier, with a heart of white lavender and a base of musk. It’s my new scent for the summer. I love it.

Calvin Klein’s Obsessed

The men’s version of Obsessed, above left, from €41.90, is concentrated around the note of black vanilla in its heart, so it’s super sophis and sexy. Even the bottles are more contemporary looking, as they’re translucent, and a bit rounder and fuller in comparison to the original Obsession flacons, so they are very Insta-friendly.



*This piece originally appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine on July 23rd 2017*

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