Wanna know what makes me appy?

Sorry, happy!

Apps that make my life less complicated.

That’s what.

Being a busy Mum of two, working odd hours, with a lot of travel involved, the juggle, sorry struggle is real.

I’m always pressed for time.

So apps, where I can organise my shopping, cooking, laundry and billing are the biz!

Basically, any app that helps improve my life in the quickest and easiest fashion is for me.

That’s why I decided to come onboard as the official Ambassador for the Sam McCauley Chemist App.

It was a #nobrainer really.

Sam McCauley are first to market with this world leading app.

This app links in with your current medication history.

This is invaluable.

Especially for people that are in a caring capacity, it offers peace of mind, knowing that if they present at an out of hours facility they can easily inform the doctor of all the medication they are taking by opening up the app on their phone.

It is ideal in emergency situations.

It’s one of those apps that I now wonder how I ever managed without!

With the app I can bid farewell to pharmacy queues, there’s no more conniptions over prescriptions, as this handy tool allows me to connect with my local Sam McCauley chemist and sort the ins and outs of everyday meds via the phone in my hand; from the comfort of my home.

Or hotel.

Or wherever!

Medication management at your fingertips is what Sam McCauley Chemists are now offering their customers with the launch of this new app.

Quick and easy to use, the app enables you to upload prescriptions to the system and receive handy alerts when the order is ready to be collected.

Simply pop into your local Sam McCauley chemist–see the Locator section on the app-at your convenience, with the original paper prescription in hand – a snappy click and collect service if ever there was one.

This is a super-efficient timesaver for patients and carers alike – we even have my father in law on it as he takes a lot of meds now that he’s in his 80’s- so it’s particularly useful if you’re keeping track of multiple prescriptions at one time.

And speaking of keeping track of things, if you have a question concerning your medicine you can message your pharmacist directly, whilst also receiving reminders and access your medicinal history – which is amazing if you’re abroad or suddenly in front of a doctor that isn’t your usual go-to healthcare pro.


By the way, if you’re not smart phone savvy, don’t fret.

Even those who haven’t jumped on the app bandwagon can get involved, as Sam McCauley Chemists have in-store ambassadors available in several of their 32 stores to go through the details.

That’s medication dedication for sure!


At the launch of the Sam McCauley App at Redmond Square in Carlow with Geraldine Ramage Superintendent Pharmacist 


In my role as Ambassador for the App, I got to travel around to some of the stores dotted around the country.

As well as lots of information about the app and managing medication, goodie bags and prizes I got to know Geraldine Ramage, Group Superintendent Pharmacist for Sam McCauley Chemists, who was at all the events. It was great to get an insight into how the app makes such a difference in people’s lives directly from the front line as such.

For instance, Geraldine told me how useful it is when people are on medicines to help with anxiety or depression, as they can request information about their tablets via the text feature on the app. This saves having to have potentially more difficult conversations face to face with someone, when at times one may not want to talk directly about their medications.

Geraldine also gave me some top tips on using the app, my favourite being that you can simply take a photo of your prescription and send it in-again saving time-then show the prescription upon pick up.


…..Appy out!


 Pictured at the launch of the Sam McCauley App at Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork were Freya Kearney, Brian Battles and Geraldine Ramage from Sam McCauleys with moi!


  • View your medical history instantly
  • Upload your prescriptions and order them in a few simple steps
  • Receive alerts when prescriptions are ready for collection – skipping the queues
  • Directly message your pharmacist with questions or concerns
  • Set up medication reminders


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