Discover Italian Brand Karaja’s Twin Matt Lipstick


Italian makeup brand Karaja certainly lives up to their reputation as colour-lovers with this product.

The Twin Matt Lipstick, €16.30, is a novel idea, with two separate colours on either side of the stick. Both tones are similar, but you can avail of the lighter, softer option during the day and then switch to the darker, more daring shade as night falls. It’s ideal. Two looks, with just one product to carry around in your handbag!



This lippie here is shade No2 (there are three in total), with a mauve/vintage pink on one side, and a daring, hot pink on the other. Mix them, use them separately, follow the day-to-night pattern, whatever you like. With innovative products, it’s often best to experiment. Perhaps consider a fade from light to dark in a dip-dye fashion, for something particularly eye-catching.



Both colours have good pigmentation and don’t dry out your lips as much as many matt lipsticks tend to do.

For a particularly girly approach and a different finish, pop some gloss over the top for high-shine impact that works beautifully with these pink tones!

Karaja products are available from selected salons or at



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