Give Up Clothes For Good with TK Maxx

I’m delighted to be involved with TK Maxx and their Give Up Clothes For Good campaign in partnership with Enable Ireland again this year! I’ve cleared out my wardrobe, I’ve donated, and it feels AMAZING! The donations will raise much-needed funds for children’s disability services across the country. Clearing space and doing good simultaneously? Is there any excuse not to?

Besides, I feel that there’s nothing better for your wardrobe than a refresh and reorganisation. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have far too many items filling our closets. I can’t cope with a clothing overflow, it slows everything down. Check out my tips below for maintaining a manageable wardrobe…




1: Group everything together.

For a really well-organised wardrobe, group items together. Jackets with jackets, like with like. It’s also good to group clothes by colour, as you can see where you’re overbuying. If I have ten black jackets, I’m not allowed to buy anymore!



2: Check to see if anything needs mending.

Preserving your clothes is just as important as doing a clear out. Take care of your good pieces – like that LBD you’ve had forever and want to keep for a bit longer – and get to know a good tailor and seamstress.


3: If one goes in, one must come out.

I live in a small house, so purely in terms of space, if I buy something new, something old has to go. It’s a handy way of keeping your wardrobe fresh and updated, without allowing it to become overly full.



4: If you don’t wear it, don’t hoard it.

If I’m not getting the wear out of something, I donate it. Think about someone else actually enjoying the article of clothing, instead of it sitting in the wardrobe, gathering dust and feeling lonely!


5: Hangers, hangers and more hangers.

Are you a folder or a hanger? I tried the Marie Kondo folding thing, but it didn’t work out. It’s safe to say I need my clothes hung. You just can’t see everything as easily and it takes one second for the kids to pull something from the bottom of a folded pile, bringing chaos. Whereas my clothes are safe when hung up, away from prying hands.

I love the black velvet hangers you can buy. Fabrics – even silks – don’t slip off them and they’re strong enough to hold even the most embellished of vintage jackets.

The exception to my rule are the cashmere jumpers I get in TK Maxx. Folding them together and keeping them separate from the main pile prevents them from rubbing against other fabrics and getting worn.



6: The most important thing to remember, is to treat your wardrobe like a shop.

That’s how I approach mine. Clear out old stock and get ready for the new season. That way, the clothes you actually wear are always at hand and no unwanted items build up – and it helps trend-seekers to stay on trend. Trust me, it makes getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier.



But, remember…

Anything you can donate from your clever clear-out, please do.

It’s super easy to take part – simply drop your unwanted clothes, accessories and quality homeware into the special collection points at any TK Maxx store. Then, nominate a friend, colleague or family member to do the same.

Oh, and don’t forget to share your donations and nominations using #GUCFG to spread the word across social media. The more people that get the message, the better!






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