Hello Curls

Hello Curls,
today we’re talking curls….
“My curl,
My curl,
Talkin ‘bout,
My curl….”

Large, luscious curls are the style of choice for trendy tresses. I love old school Veronica Lake or a seventies Jerry Hall look but or for a more modern feel, Blake Lively does it well. Whichever way you go, the overall effect is hot.

Velcro rollers like Boots Salon Performance Large Thermo Rollers, €8.99, feature heat retaining materials and a vented design, which set hair faster and quickly dries hair from within.





Self grip action means you can style wet or dry hair without the need for clips or grips and best of all are actually sooo easy to use, if installed properly, so read and remember!

There’s no need for fiddly pins or nets as they hold securely by themselves. Simply section your hair and use the roller like a brush to smooth the section that it will be placed in. Now pop the roller at the end of the hair section and curl down to the scalp. Then push gently to fix into place. How tight you roll it and how large/small section of hair/roller depends on what kind of curl you want.
The tighter/smaller the roll, the more “springy” the curl.

When you are ready to remove the rollers remove in the same direction you rolled them in. I like to put dry hair in rollers and then take a shower and let the steam get into my hair while it’s rolled up.But don’t stick your head under the spray! Sometimes I blow-dry my hair almost dry, and then put them in.

hello-curls-elnettI always spray liberally with my beloved Elnett hairspray which helps pull off curls and waves that are full of life for up to twenty-four hours, party peeps!

Then, I hit each one with about a ten-second blast of the hair-dryer heat and let cool while I put on my makeup. Take them out and either comb smooth for a sleek sophisticated look or just finger comb for a sexier disheveled look and wait for the compliments to, ahem, roll in!


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