Greetings from West Cork!
I’m in the Celtic Ross Hotel in Roscarberry today hosting an afternoon tea or Afternoon Tri as we’re calling it, raising much needed funds for for the Cope Foundation.

A big massive shout out to my old school friend Sarah McCarthy-less of the old, I can hear her saying as she reads this-for all her hard work putting the event together with the rest of the phenomenal committee.

Michelle, Sarah, Moi, Kathryn, Norma & Kay


Afternoon Tri at the Celtic Ross Hotel


Anyhoo, as well as cupcakes and canapés, I’ll be serving up a side of beauty tips and tricks and the one thing I’ll definitely be talking about is sunscreen.
It’s such a minefield.
Too greasy, too thick, turns your makeup into mush.
Well not anymore, today’s sunscreens are freaking awesome.

They’re lightweight, semi-matte, and non-chalky, and they look completely invisible under your foundation.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen PA+++, €40,
This lightweight foundation primer hardcore protection against all of the sun’s rays in one little primer.


A lightweight foundation with SPF 50 and protects against pollution? YES PLEASE!
Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Flawless Coverage Foundation Makeup, SPF 50, €14.99, gives flawless, buildable coverage while evening out skin tone and imperfections with broad-spectrum SPF 50 and is packed with pollution-fighting antioxidants





Finally Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray, €38, is my new BFF!
This sets my makeup and protects my skin.
Apply throughout the day on top of your makeup without messing it up.
I find my makeup lasts waay longer when I use this.
Best of all the fine mist helps sets makeup with a soft focus effect blurring lines and wrinkles AND also helps control oil!

I love how Jameela Jamil has no problem telling it how it is!
Calling out quacks and taking aim at the silly celebrity culture.
A lil like Agnes from Essentials Skin Clinic on Baggot St-see I popped into for some Facemodeling recenty.
Agnes isn’t a fan of the cloned look, finding individuality far more attractive-so she has developed a scalpel-free treatment which is phenomenal for sculpting/reshaping the contours of the face.
Agnes does everything from cupping, massaging the INSIDE of the mouth and using taping techniques to help lymp drainage.
It was honestly like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before and well worth a visit if you too want to see real results.
Benefits included a boost to blood supply to nourish the skin and flush toxins away as well as an instant lift result, great for getting rid off the ole double chin.


Tooth Gloss is a thing now you know!
Apa Beauty Tooth Gloss,€35,, is adapted from the top secret trick models or beauty pageant participants would use instead of Vaseline on their teeth to keep smiling AND make their teeth seem super shiny.
With its light-reflecting properties, this gloss makes teeth look whiter and keeps breath fresh, no weird yucky, slimey feeling.
Apply directly to teeth, the powerful antioxidants freshen breath, fight bacteria and nourish teeth and gums
Whatever next!

Make it this Cherry Bomb Mixed Face and Eye Palette, €14.95, by Carter Beauty
Carter Beauty by Marissa Carters prides itself on the quality of its products, from the buttery soft textures to the stunning array of shades.
All the shades are very soft to the touch and nicely pigmented, even without a primer!
They blend out seamlessly and none of the colours look patchy on the skin.
The configuration of the palette is very well thought out.
It has a whopping selection of twelve eye shadow shades and a highlight and blush
The eyeshadows in particular are completely stunning.
This is great value for money and makes for the most gorgeous weekend away palette.

Moisten makeup brushes with a setting spray to intensify pigments in eyeshadows while spritzing on beauty blenders/makeup sponges as it helps disperse product perfectly.

“Lancôme, La vie est Belle, darling,” the delightful Davina Devine drawled when I asked her what the intoxicating fragrance floating around her was.
Just like Davina, the fragrance is exceptionally beautiful! And versatile as it doesn’t fit into one specific scent category, age range, or season.

I was at the launch in 2012, in the South of France, where I met the face of the fragrance, Julia Roberts.
I still remember how the air was filled full of Iris, patchouli, Tonka bean, praline, blackcurrant, orange blossom and jasmine.
A real ‘statement fragrance’ as it is so intense and long lasting.
The formula was so complex it necessitated over 5,000 versions and three years of work.
I still love the whole concept, which revolved around the idea of breaking free from convention and choosing one’s own vision of happiness.
Next time you look at the bottle, note the grey hand-cut ribbon.
This is in the shape of wings, to symbolize freedom.

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