Our spending power may be lower  in January, but as cosmetics conductor, I won’t let that stop the beauty train.



This week, I’m taking inspiration from Brandon Maxwell’s spring/summer 2018 show at NYFW, where the models had the most gorgeous golden glow. Exactly what we need to brighten us up in January, when we’re pale and broke. Although, getting a sexy, sun-kissed finish doesn’t have to cost much. The hard bit is is learning how best to apply these products!

I love a display of terrifically tanned skin when the new year rolls around. Back in September when I was at the fashion show in New York, I noticed that Brandon Maxwell’s S/S18 show was fronted by models with healthy, radiant faces completed by a golden glow and a touch of shimmer ‘n’ sheen. I haven’t forgotten how gorgeous they looked, so if there’s a beauty trend to move forward with now, this is it.

For a great base on the face, don’t immediately jump to foundation. I love L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Dry Mist for Face, €15.59. The applicator sprays evenly across a relatively large area, so you get an air-brushed effect. It develops over a few hours, so you can apply as much or as little as necessary for your desired depth of gold.  Try a light application to start and test how it’s going to look on your underlying skin tone. Hold the tin about 30cm away from the face, close your eyes and spray in gentle circular motions.


Once you have a great base, you can build up some light and shadow on the face. Brandon Maxwell really employed highlighter beautifully. It wasn’t just restricted to the upper cheekbone. A touch down the nose, across the brow bone and just above the temples looks beautiful. At the moment, I’m loving e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems, €5.80. It’s quite shimmery, so don’t press too heavily with your brush into the product or onto the face. Lightly dust it across.


To finish, a darker dimension is required, to emphasize bone structure. Catrice’s Sun Lover Glow Bronzing Powder, compliments tan very well. A dash on the contour lines of the cheeks and you’re set. Avoid overdoing it with any bronzer – the base needs to shine through!





Kildare Village is proof that the best brands don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and I was delighted to see that Rituals had opened up a boutique in the shopping outlet! The set-up is super gorgeous, and they have made sure to include the hero cosmetic and skincare products from Rituals huge collection. The Ritual of Dao Calming Treat  giftsetset from the Dao range would usually have a RRP of around €19.50, but I spotted it there for €13.65. The set’s Body Cream is divine -your skin glows brighter than Jessica Biel’s right afterwards. Let’s all cry happy tears!



Don’t throw away your broken eyeshadows! Pick up some small containers (try craft shops for empty kids’ paint pots) and tip the crushed powder inside. It’s still perfectly usable and now it’s not a nuisance every time you open your eye palette.



Mornings in my house are manic, trying to get Maxi and Mini to Montessorio on tome. They need to be washed, fed and their lunch packed, and I’m back to my house by 9am – that’s when I have my shower. A simple, surprisingly luxurious shower option comes in the form of NIVEA’s Care Shower Silk Mousse, €3.99. The mousse itself is super light, but it cleanses and melts on the body to a rich texture, due to the essential oils inside, giving your skin some daily pampering – even if it’s just for two minutes in the morning!




There had to be one ‘treat-me’ moment included, even in a column focusing on a particular price point. Well, this is a budgeted item of sorts – caviar on a budget, as it were!

Swiss skincare brand Declaré launched their Caviar Perfection Hand cream, €29.95, and it is decadence personified. An anti-aging cream, it targets dryness, age spots, rough patches and fine lines. With extracts from caviar, silk and various plants, it nourishes and brings tired palms and digits back to life. Love!



COLAB Dry Shampoo, €3.99, has a new home in Penneys! The root rescuing shampoo was developed by a bunch of beauty buffs and they did a stellar job. There are five different themes and scents. I love the lemon and neroli fragrance in the Fresh bottle – it’s perfect for those rush out the door scenarios. And though I can’t for the life of me figure out what the flavour is, Unicorn is a close second. Can I say it smells magical? Does that make any sense…? And these hair-happy products won’t leave any white, powdery residue behind.

Fresh hair, don’t care.


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