Life Mag Column: Blurred Lines

Come undone and zoom your groom as our beauty expert unveils her top picks and tricks.



What the hell have I let myself in for, agreeing to do Celebrity Operation Transformation?! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me on TV – or maybe a little less, if it all goes to plan!

I’m currently getting the bod in gear and McLovin everything from Mixa, which is a new brand for Ireland, but created by a French pharmacist in 1924.

The Restoring Body Lotion, left, €7.25, the number-one body lotion in the French market for the past decade, is so hydrating, yet it absorbs super quick. Love it.



Sarah Jessica Parker

 Time dedicated to all-day pampering has long gone. It’s all go, go, go now! Very NYC. So I reckon someone like SJP, above, would love Dry & Fly for a zoom groom.

Make a pit-stop here and have a blow-dry before heading into the office, or during your lunch break, or, indeed, on your way home or before going out to dinner. Nip in and get your nails and make-up done as well. They are open from 7am until late, seven days a week; and until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Blow-dries start at just €18, and all services include a complimentary Prosecco, gin and tonic, coffee or tea!

Dry & Fly, Wicklow St, D2, tel: (01) 557-7801, see



Eau De Memo Eau De Parfum


If you’re looking for a fragrance to turn heads this summer, then Eau De Memo Eau De Parfum, above, €200, could be just the one for you. It’s all about contrasts, so there

are notes of bergamot and jasmine, expertly blended with a leather accord.

Spritz it anywhere you like to put it – the bellybutton is still the place to spray, as I told you before – and then wait for the compliments. #you’rewelcome



Pack baby powder in your beach bag. When your beach day is over, simply sprinkle it on any stuck-on sand on your body. The sand will disappear when it’s rubbed off, as baby powder removes moisture from the skin, allowing sand to easily come off.



Silicabase Blending Sponge


Yaaay! It’s finally here! The Silicabase Blending Sponge, above, €10. The beauty tool that’s taken Instagram by storm is now available at and from selected pharmacies nationwide.

Now, not only does it use half the amount of product – foundation, concealer, or whatever cream-based make-up you use it with – it’s also super hygienic and simple to clean. Unlike those other beauty sponges also on my feed; you know, those ones that are just minging when they’re cut in half! Ugh! #gogoogleitnow



Mac Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

 Ladies, it’s time to talk about autumn/winter 2017 trends. I’m lucky enough to be able attend the catwalk shows and learn about all the new trends. At London Fashion Week, the blurred beauty look was one of my favourites. It’s almost like a reaction to that perfectly polished look that’s been so prominent of late.

It’s like undone is the new done-up, if you know what I mean!

At Roland Mouret, veteran Mac make-up artist Val Garland created the look that stole the show. Each model got to choose her own look, which was based on “waking up in the morning at a lover’s house and deciding what to reapply”. So instead of a singular make-up look, it was much more real and exciting to watch.

Mac Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation, above, €36.50, lent a flawless but natural look to the skin. The Mac Conceal and Correct Palette, €48, is a professional palette of four concealer shades, which can either be used individually, or combined, then applied as needed. Also used was Mac Extreme Dimension Mascara, €30, and Mac Lip Conditioner Tube, €15.50, which has lots of vits, doesn’t go gloopy under lippy, yet helps to seal in moisture.

Batiste dry shampoo

No curly blow-dries or straighteners were in sight as hair stylist Sam McKnight used only Batiste Dry Shampoo, above, €3.99. He worked it through the hair with his fingers.



*This piece first appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine on August 13th, 2017*

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