Life Mag Column: Under the Influence

If you fancy brow-sing the latest lust-haves in the beauty world then our ‘cosmetic-aholic’ unveils all her new obsessions here, just for you.



Dovocare Intense Cream

 I have the worst feet. Not only does my second toe look like a flipping finger, as it’s actually bigger than my big toe, I also get seriously dry feet as well. The struggle is real around this way, folks! Dovocare Intense Cream, above, €12.95, works a treat on my pig trotters, removing dry, hardened skin, as it contains lactic acid which exfoliates.

Top tip: It’s also superb for removing those stubborn patches of fake tan around the elbows and knees!



Cindy Crawford

 Cindy Crawford, pictured, has such effortless style and never looks like she’s trying too hard – kinda like Claudine King, whom I visited recently in her sophisticated city-centre salon.

Claudine’s exquisite taste is apparent in every detail, from the art on the walls, to the contemporary music playing, to the perfect brows I now have!

I’m fussy when it comes to brows. I like understated and low maintenance, as it’s no exaggeration to say that brow shape can make or break your look, and Claudine is clearly on a mission to beautify the world, one person at a time.

Claudine King Brows & Beauty, 22 South William St, D2, tel: (01) 633-6737, or see



Dafni Classic

 I recently met up with Sharon Rabi, the creator of Dafni, the hair straightening hairbrush that really works. The entrepreneur and engineer understands what frizzy-haired women like myself really want in a hair tool as, like me, Sharon is a working mum. The Dafni smooths hair in minutes without the need to separate it into sections. Her top tips include only using the Dafni on dry hair and brushing slowly. The Dafni Classic, above, retails at €149 and the travel version, the Dafni Go, is €115 from



Mini, my two-year-old, is make-up mad like her mum! She loves to mush my eyeshadows all over her face. What I do with the mess is pop it out of its packaging, put it in a pot, crush it, add a dab of Vaseline and voila, a cream eyeshadow!




 ‘Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall, very superstitious, ladder’s ’bout to fall…’

I’ve always loved that Stevie Wonder song, Superstition, and can’t help singing it when I’m wearing Superstitious, above, €125, Frederic Malle’s latest collab with designer Alber Elbaz. This ‘grand aldehyde floral’ which is described as “the essence of a dress, the silhouette that lingers after a woman has left the room” is my favourite scent to use when I want to feel sophisticated – and yes, I’ve become very superstitious about wearing it to bring me luck!


Buxum May Contain Nudity Palette


My name is Triona McCarthy and I am a cosmetic-aholic! Lotions and potions are my devotions, and even 14 years of writing this column doesn’t stop me completely losing my shizz and obsessing over new products.

This Buxum May Contain Nudity Palette, above, €45,, has become a firm favourite of mine. Remember there is always room in your make-up bag for a really brilliant neutral eyeshadow palette. This one is perfect for popping in my bag, and I can mix and match for a different eye look every day.

All of the shades are flattering, so you will genuinely use every shadow in the palette and, best of all, the primer-infused technology means the shadows are locked in place, so the powerfully pigmented formula glides on to lids with a powder-to-silk feel.

Did I mench the palette is also customisable? Oh yeah, simply slide open the pull-out drawer and swap in new colours, or refill with favourites.

My sis Laura, who lives in Oz, turned me onto Australian skincare label Frank Body and its new Shimmer Body Scrub, below, €18.90. Its holographic packaging is totally addictive! The sugary-sweet scrub exfoliates, moisturises, and leaves my skin with a subtle shimmer. I can’t get enough of the stuff – which sells out superfast, btw. Track it down on or

Shimmer Body Scrub
*This piece first appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine on June 11th 2017*

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