Life Mag Column: Let’s Swap – Triona McCarthy’s Make-up Shake Up!

With warmer weather a thing now, our resident beauty expert reckons it’s time for a make-up shake up!



I recently had lunch with a rock star. A fragrance rock star – the rather eccentric Geza Schoen. The German is the creator of Escentric Molecules, the contemorary fragrance range. Its molecule fragrances are scents that are based on a single molecule, while its escentric fragrances consist of  a scent molecule teamed with enhancing ingredients. Geza was in Brown Thomas to launch the latest fragrance in the line, Escentric 04, below, €85. Its main note, Javanol, a synthesized sandalwood substitute, makes for a zesty summer scent.

Escentric 04


Actress Rachel Weisz

 The multi-award winning Burgundy Beauty in Blackrock – and now also in Baker’s Corner; both in Dublin – is my go-to place when I need the works done before a wedding or ball. Basically anywhere I need to look like I have my shizz together like Rachel Weisz, above.

The new salon in Baker’s Corner includes the ultimate space for group bookings, a state-of-the-art brow and lash bar, and pedicure and manicure stations. Burgundy Blackrock has all of that too, as well as looking after all your skincare needs, with world-renowned brand Yonka newly available there.

Top tip: The Bellamianta spray tan looks so natural and wears off beautifully.




Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask


I love to log on to cloud10beauty to discover new ranges I never knew I needed so badly. Now I can’t live without this Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask, above, €29.95. Perfect for a busy mum like me, it contains dual-sided pads that are designed to give you the benefits of a seven-step routine in seconds. One pad cleans and preps my skin, exfoliates, tones, applies a serum and moisturiser, plumps, protects and primes for make-up.



If you’ve been running around all day and your hair’s fallen flat and looks greasy, a great instant fix is to toss a little bit of loose powder through the roots with your fingertips to soak up any, em, moisture and give instant volume.




Napoleon, would you believe, was one of the first famous fans of Roger & Gallet, the French fragrance house founded in 1860. Mr Borntoparty and Miss Party McCarthy have something in common, so, as I’m a massive fan of their Bois d’Orange Huile Sublime Perfumed Dry Oil, above, €14.75. This three-in-one dry oil can be used on the face, body and hair for a sublime, glossy, satin-smooth feel.



Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg Lip Tint Double Decker


A bright-red lippie is kinda my signature look. It’s also the fastest way to look a little more pulled-together. A bright-red lip looks like I’ve made an effort, when I haven’t really.

However, as the weather warms up, I find it a bit too full-on and too much effort to maintain when there are ice-creams to eat and men to eat… I mean kiss!

A lip tint is far easier to wear, and the new limited-edition collab, Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg Lip Tint Double Decker, above, €25, has the most beautiful, bright, raunchy red that screams summer! And ‘kiss me’!

I actually think it looks far more youthful than a full-on red lip.

Also in the range is the Hydrating Glow Tint, below €33, which is ideal for this time of year for that barely-there French-girl base. Far more chic than a caca milis face, as I call full coverage.

Nars Hydrating Glow Tint

It’s the same with my beloved black kohl eye pencil. Swapping my black kohl for dark brown has totally refreshed my look.

YSL’s Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil

I use YSL’s Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil, above, €25, on my eyes and my brows. I’ve also discovered a white versh, which I use on the inside of my eyes for a wide-eyed look. It’s even great all over the lid as an eye primer to stop eyeshadow disappearing.There you go now, a few simple swapsies to see you through the summer months. #yourewelcome




*This piece first appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine on May 21st 2017*

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