Mad4Eyebrow – The Natural Eyebrow Filler

A fantastic product just landed in my lap recently and it’s become my new favourite brow-fix – particularly if you’re in a hurry!


The fibres are almost magnetic in their ability to join together. You can even see it if you dust a bit of product out and wave the wand over it!


MAd4Eyebrow from gives instant brush-on brow extensions with the help of tiny natural fibres, combined with a fine powder, that stick together and to each and every hair in the brow. It really does help create fuller, thicker and elongated brows.

The bottles come in six different colours and the use of pigment helps to fill in any gaps with a touch of colour.

Simply pull the applicator out, shake off any excess product and apply as desired, shaping and sculpting with the accompanying tool. The sharp lines of the plastic wand can also be used to measure out the brow shape evenly on both sides. It’s so easy and it sets in sixty seconds. Talk about a brilliant brow dash!

You’ll get about 350 applications out of one tiny bottle and it’s a waterproof formula, so it won’t budge throughout the day – no-matter how much rain or perspiration attacks you.

It’s a semi-permanent product, so, to remove, simply use a drop of make-up remover in the evening. If you want to let it fade, it will gradually disappear within 2 – 3 days.


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