Move Over For MicroScooters

Beep beep! Move out of the way, because Maxi, Mini and Mum (me!) have found a decidedly UNboring way to travel to Montessori every morning.

Following my time on Celeb Operation Transformation, I’ve been trying to keep up some sort of an exercise regime and what better way to get some in than on the daily morning walk with the kiddies! I had been a fan of MicroScooters, having seen them across social, and they were kind enough to send a pink one for Mini (of course), a blue for Maxi (naturally) and a black/silver one for myself (what can I say, it’s my signature colour).

My two love them of course and they think it’s great fun to see mummy chasing after them on a grown-up version! It’s a bit of fun in the morning and an incentive for all of us to get up and out.


Mini is flying on her pink scooter! And with matching helmet to boot!


Shop the adult and kiddies range here!

Don’t forget, they make fab Christmas presents too.

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