New York Fashion Week: Public School Spring 18

With an aesthetic that toes the line between street style and high-fashion, Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne were inspired by the idea of immigrants coming to the US and their lives there, for their Spring 18 collection.



You can see in the utilitarian aspects of their design that these looks go beyond casual streetwear and try to convey a working function. The plastic bags used throughout the collection (and served as my invitation!) had a smiley face, with the words ‘come again’ printed on them, which Chow reportedly said was reminiscent of the shopping bags you would find in small businesses, often owned and managed by immigrant families and communities.


The invite


You can see the plastic bag in hand here!


The clothes carry on the plastic theme, with similar fabric added to the shoes, shorts, etc.


Loving the suspender/crop top here!


The hair, provided by Allen Ruiz from Antoinette and AVEDA, and make-up, completed by Grace Lee for Maybelline New York, both conveyed a hard, ‘don’t mess with me’¬†message. The hair was simple on all of the girls. Pulled back, straight or curly, seeming to play to the natural state of the hair, with a touch of shine and an altogether casual vibe. The make-up consisted of a natural lip and a slightly metallic, medium brown eye, giving the lids a hooded, sexy/grunge impression, as if the make-up had been applied the night before. It worked so well with the clothes, so bravo!



I did love this checkered shirt dress – perhaps with different shoes, but still!



Although on first appearance, the beauty and the clothes seem super casual and purposefully unkempt, there are beautiful details hidden in both. I love the strap detail on the denim two-piece below, as well as the trim on the first jumpsuit we saw. Similarly, the make-up and hair is so uncaring that it’s extremely attractive! Looking forward to seeing what Public School does next.



This was on the back of the press card!




All runway/model images used are credited to @publicschoolnyc on Instagram

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