New York Fashion Week: Kate Spade SS18

So, yesterday I spent a stunning morning enjoying the Kate Spade SS18 show at New York Fashion Week! As the brand was celebrating its 25th anniversary, I knew it was going to be quite the occasion.

The show itself took place at the Grand Central Oyster Bar – it’s so beautiful inside – and had a very cool, NY vibe, as befitting the KS brand, of course.


The minute I walked in the door I bumped into the lovely Debbie O’Donnell! All of the Irish girls are out and about on the streets of the big apple.


And THEN, I ran into the red-headed beauty, Retro Flame – previous point proven. And just look at her AMAZING Chloe bag. So jealous.


The setup was very glam. There was a lady called Debbie Attias on hand to do a tarot reading. It was all career-focused predictions for me – perhaps I should have asked her about weight, considering I’m partaking in Celebrity Operation Transformation at the moment? Oh and get this, photo booths are officially out. It’s all about the aura booth now. You pop in and have your aura looked at. I’m pleased to report that mine was generally happy and signified a leader. Well now!

True to its name, the bar served us deliciously fresh oysters ( I LOVE oysters – I think I had about ten!) and what else could you have as an accompaniment, but a bullini!


But moving onto the actual show, I had a careful eye on the make-up, as it was the wonderful MAC providing the cosmetic aesthetics for the event. And you know it’s going to be something special when they’re involved.



I watched the MAC team hard at work prepping the models for the catwalk and I was not one bit disappointed with the outcome. The make-up look was oh-so dewy and fresh, belaying a real spring vibe, with an overall feeling of healthy beauty. The lips and eyes were bore natural hues, reflecting the garden-scene, southern charm and dusky influences that formed the clothing collection. It felt organic and extremely pretty!



Of course, looking that good is often anything BUT natural and after catching a glimpse into the MAC make-up supplies, you get the idea. These people are incredible at pulling off something that seems so easy, but really isn’t!



After the show I got chatting to the fabulous Betty Hoo – we were twinning a bit with our multiple ear piercings.


To get the larger picture of the looks from the show, here are the models posing together. Each outfit is so light and dainty, yet so fab! And it goes without saying that I want all of the handbags.

The hairstyle was also very cool, with a sporty chic touch. Bob Recine from TRESemme was on hand to create the overall style for the girls.



And lastly, the president and chief creative officer for Kate Spade, Deborah Lloyd was in attendance an we got to have a little chat just at the end of the event! She’s definitely leading the Kate Spade into the future.


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