Picture2I get ridiculously obsessed with the most random stuff especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. So I’ve been cracked into into stars then stripes and eh, no, I’m not trying to be an American flag, to lip prints and eyes. I just get so totally into something I can’t get enough and go completely nuts! During the star phase, I had star bags and star necklaces and even called my daughter Seren which means little star-aaaw!

Then there was the lips stage, where I had every colour Lulu Guinness lip clutch and Solange Azagury-Partridge hot lips ring and then the we had a heart situation where I had love hearts everywhere including my eyes as I’d just met Will!

Recently it’s been the combo of colours red and blue together particularly in stripes, I just love how the two colours together make your eyes go a bit funny! I’ve even dressed up my passport cover from Louis Vuitton in red and blue.

I travel a lot with my job so I thought it was worth the splurge-if only for trying to get an upgrade! You can personalise anything from Louis Vuitton now, in your own crazy colour comblos. Do you have a fave colour obsession?  louisvuitton.comproducts/passport



I adore everything Alessadro Michele is doing since he stepped onboard the Gucci fashion train.
I’m like an eclectic magpie so his kooky designs really tickle my fashion pickle.

This cashmere knit Gucci striped-cashmere-and-wool-blend-sweater with my favourite colour combo of red and blue finished off with a gold, lurex neckline and cuffs was meant for me.  I know it’s pretty pricey but it is cashmere so you get that luxurious and cosy finish and I’ll be passing it on to Mini when she’s older!

Here’s my top tip to get rid of those annoying fluffy balls that always appear with cashmere.Invest in this simple to use Sweater Tamer, €13.99 and fluffy balls be gone!


Picture1The red and blue obsesh continues and its not just clothes and accessories, I’ve even started on my interiors with the coloured theme.  I had some old red love heart cushions that I had covered in an old onesie Maxi and Mini both wore when they were little babies.

I had them done in The Zipyard in Ranelagh, see and it cost around €30 to have them both done.  I just love them and they are quite sentimental too.
Now what’s next, hmm perhaps Wills car?


Blue hair don’t care

My RAB obsesh continues and now I want blue hair!  The Picture5fabulous Susie, The Burlesque Baker, see is my inspo. I love the combo of red lips with the blue hair.  My GBF Wayne called round with a blue wig he was gifted after a Dublin football match and the fun we had. Mini loved rocking the blue fro!

Wigs are a great way to try out a new colour-just look at Kim Kardashian who swaps from brunette to blonde by just popping on a wig. Check out the Hair Club in Donnybrook for a fab selection of stylish wigs to completely transform your look.

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