Sigma Beauty Lip Switch Holographic Lip Gloss


The second I caught sight of these Sigma lip glosses, I was a teeny bit mesmerized. Technically they’re just gloss, of a nice consistency (not too sticky) and reasonable durability. BUT, it’s the colour and finish that make them stand out by miles. Holographic indeed!


Pink Lotus – you’ll see that the colour varies with the different backgrounds and lights used.


Pink Lotus is a delicious myriad of metallic pink tones, shifting from bright berry, to Barbie, to luminescent lavender, all the way to sunset orange, depending on the light. Oddly enough, up close the liquid is reminiscent of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, in the way the colours bleed, blend and twist into one another. If you’ve never seen the spot on Jupiter, google it now. But, I’m getting off topic…


Transcend – it reflects a purple and yellow glow in the bottle, leaning more heavily towards each one depending on the light source.


But even more special is the shade Transcend. This colour looks odd in the bottle. It shines yellow or purple, depending on the light around it. Sometimes it even appears to be clear. But fear not, when applied to the lips, it shines with an unmistakable iridescent purple. It’s a little like having nuclear-charged smackers, as the shade is so opalescent. If you need to add something a little different to the make-up bag (without going mental on price), this lip-illuminator is ideal.


For comparison, look at the colours of each gloss now, when pitted against a black background.


The glosses retail for €13.50 at



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