Sofa, so good!

For those of you with children, I’m sure you understand the struggle of having budding artists living with you.
I didn’t think our sofa could actually absorb any more crayon/ paint/ markers or food so I knew it was time to invest in a new one AND maybe some house rules!!!

We searched high and low in many stores for a sofa that would suit our house but as you guys know I don’t do fakes.
Quality is so important to me – one of the many reasons I popped into DFS before Christmas, having received a lot of recommendations through my Instagram.
Did you know they’re the only furniture retailer with the British Kite Mark?
Almost five decades old, I knew they would have the best range and expert advice for very little children and very tall hubby!

Glued to my phone (as per) I was posting from DFS when we were instore where lots of you told me you too had bought pieces here.
As you were all so interested in the styles, colours and advice I thought it best to put this blog post together.
Adulting 3na!!

There was honestly so much to choose from, whether you were looking for a corner sofa or a lounger or maybe a recliner…they have everything!
I initially wanted to go with the biggest, brightest and shiniest sofa I could find, but Will thought the ”no-painting the couch” rule would take a while to catch on!

Will and I have quite different tastes, but we compromised and got the Sofia Sofa.
Making sure to get the fabric coated within an inch of its life to preserve it with Maxi & Mini about, I felt we were off to a great start.

One piece of advice I really took on board was about the bum test.
As simple as it may sound, if you don’t find the sofa comfy in the store you won’t actually use it at home.
That’s why it’s absolutely essential to play a game of Musical Chairs (Sofa’s) in store with your hubbie and your two kids until chaos ensues.

We personally found the Sofia Sofa extremely comfy after bumming (!!) and knew it was the one for us.
It also fits perfectly in our space as it’s not overpoweringly large.
Bum as many times as you need people!! Better safe than sorry.
The staff were so helpful and the attention to detail was second to none – their customer service was certainly not affected by the Christmas madness.

Six months later and we couldn’t be happier.
We have managed to keep it stain-free, so far, even after I, eh, bounced a cup of tea off my lap!
It has had many visitors as I film for Xpose on Virgin Media from my house, so we have received lots of compliments!

So, thank you DFS for the help and expert advice on finding the perfect fit.

If you need me I’ll be on the couch, probably scrolling through Instagram.


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