Valentine’s Day Gifting With Boots

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’ve got lots of Valentine’s beauty gifts,

Especially for you!


The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, so be sure to bookmark this gift guide for the most romantic day-and, eh night- of the year!

But guess what guys, it’s not a competition – who gets who the best Valentine’s Day gift.

It’s NOT about who spends the most money, or travels the furthest, it’s simply about knowing what the other wants and giving them something you’ve thought about which is why I’m so happy to be onboard Boots’ #showthemyouknowthem campaign.

Now don’t stress, because this doesn’t mean the intended present needs to be bespoke or one-of-a-kind.

It could be as straightforward as bottle of perfume, but it’s finding the one they love that makes the difference!

I recently read a study that said 54% of us prefer getting perfume over flowers on February 14th? Hmmmm!

Something to keep in mind folks.

Thankfully, Boots have ensured none of us slip up this year, with a fantastic range of gifts that are bound to contain the one to delight your other half – or you yourself.

Personally, I’m loving Giorgio Armani’s Si Passione Eau de Parfum 50ml, available at €92 (which is exclusive to Boots until 27th Feb).

I think Cate Blanchette blinded me with her fabulousness in the perfume’s ad campaign, because I can’t stop thinking about this scent.

If this doesn’t come my way via my loved ones, I’ll be popping into Boots myself and having a Valentines Me-Day treat!!!



But, back to gifts for OTHERS.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a romantic someone!

We’re long past the days of weeping over the post-box, despairing at our lack of paper hearts.

Think outside the lover box and have a look at your friends, family, your most recent Tinder date… (just kidding), and maybe treat them to something on the day.

It’s a great opportunity to give your best friend or galentine something special.

In fact, I’m giving this to Caitlin, my twenty year old babysitter who ADORES all things beauty

A bright and happy gift, just like her, Soap & Glory’s Soapremely Special giftset, which is now €25, even though it’s worth €51, is a budget-friendly pressie that is serioulsy impressive.




Whereas Soap & Glory is the fun-loving and funky body set, No7’s Indulgent Collection, €30, down from €80.50, is the sophisticated, indulgent option that my photographer, Aisling, will love!

From bath oil and body milk, to heel and foot balm, and more, this is a real home-pamper package.



Of course, best friends are great, but don’t forget about the Mums out there.

Yes, I’m aware it’s not Mother’s Day, but it’s both a nice gesture, and worth major brownie points, getting your mum a little something.

And my Mum is such a great help to me especially minding Maxi and Mini that I’m gonna gift her the Liz Earle Limited Edition Super Essentials Kit Super Skin, €79.

Liz can do no wrong when it comes to skin and I swear I won’t steal sorry borrow any!


Actually, when I think about it, Mum is always using my No7 Illuminating Mirror, €29.99, so I am going overboard here and getting her one as well-if only that I can use it when I’m in West Cork in her house-I simply can’t do my make up without it.



Now onto the boys!
Whether he’s a husband, boyfriend, best friend, friend with benefits – well, you get the idea, I’m going back to fragrance.

I’ve chosen Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua EDT, €63, for 50ml as not only does it smell glorious on him, I adore the bottle!

It looks like a mini trophy, so I’m going to have lots of fun ‘presenting’ this to him!!!

Will is a retired rally driver and races model cars all over Europe so this is definitely the one for him.

After all, Invictus means undefeated-a lucky omen perhaps before he goes to Germany to race at the weekend!



We’re double dating with our besties on V night so I’d better get Dawn -a fashion designer –a lil something.

She is obsessed with rose gold and has the most beautiful-real-hair so the Babyliss Straightener Elegance 235, €49.99, will make her the happiest gal ever.

The best bit is, she can do my hair with it too!

The floating ceramic plates glides though hair without snagging whilst smoothing out crazy kinks.

For smooth curls and waves you can use the curved outer housing for a flawless finish.


Duffy-Dawn’s beau-has the best beard so of course I have to give him the, Percy Nobleman’s Beard Grooming Kit, €35.99, the ultimate in grooming and care for a hirsute face. For the actual shaping of the beard, Wahl’s Classic Edition Clipper Gift, which was €99.99, now €49.99, is ideal, with its clipper and precision trimmer. These two would be a nice gift duo! Remember, a soft and shapely beard makes for a more kissable face!




All of the above products are available online at, as well as in-store in Boots, so there’s no excuse to not pick up a fantastic gift this Valentine’s Day!




*This article is sponsored by Boots Ireland.


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