Look Back in Anger at the Gate Theatre


This play, by John Osborne, was groundbreaking in the 50’s.  The story examines issues like sex, politics  and religion, while following the life and struggles of Jimmy Porter, an intelligent young man with a rebellious nature, and his upper-middle class wife Alison, alongside their lodger Cliff and friend Helena.
It’s a very intense experience, with powerful emotions and shouty characters – it spawned the term ‘angry young men.’
There is no fantasy involved here. It deals with realism, as opposed to escapism, recording life and difficulty, instead of looking for a happy ending.
The award winning theatre director Annabelle Comyn’s use of sound was superb, it really gave the show atmosphere and a place in time.
The 1959 film with Richard Burton of the same name is a terrific watch, but seeing this story performed live was something else entirely.

On from now until March 24th

Tickets: €25-€38 at gatetheatre.ie.

Queer Eye on Netflix


In this reboot, a new group of men – the Fab Five – advise men on various topics – design, culture, fashion, food and grooming – redefining the idea of what makes a man and creating some unmissable reality TV in the process.
It’s definitely comfort-food TV, although very different to 15 yrs ago when Bush was president & gay marriage wasn’t legal! Times have most certainly changed.
It’s a familiar format in terms of how the episodes play out – set up, home invasion, transformation and a happy ending, but it’s a delightful watch regardless.
Be prepared to see haircuts, pops of colour and increasing confidence!
Season 1 is available now and there are 8 episodes to get stuck into on Netflix.

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