Calvin Klein Obsessed Fragrance Launch

Recently, I took a trip to London for the exclusive Calvin Klein Obsessed for women and men fragrance launch. Obsession was the first designer fragrance I bought, so this trip was particularly exciting. Imagine telling my twenty-something year old self where I would be all these years later. Madness of the best kind.


The invite!


It was an evening affair, with one of the major highlights being a workshop with Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti! I defy anyone alive at the time to have forgotten the Obsession campaign Moss and Sorrenti created together. Even looking back on it now, you can see why Moss became the star she did. She was so gorgeous it hurt. Having those two in the same room together made for a phenomenal Thursday.


Obsessed is the first fragrance created and promoted under Raf Simons rule at Calin Klein and it marks the 25th anniversary year of the original campaign. For a real throwback moment, the new launch is using never before seen images from the original run. #throwbackthursday indeed!


A peek at some of the original, previously unpublished images


We also got treated to a perfume workshop on the night from Ilias Ermenidis (the master behind Gucci by Gucci and Princess for Vera Wang) and Honorine Blanc (Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy and Diesel Loverdose). It was great to get their insight, as Ermenidis and Blanc were two of the perfumers on the men’s and women’s fragrances, respectively. Their take on the notes and intent really grabbed my interest. Obsessed for women has an oriental aromatic scent, based around a heart of white lavender, softened with creamy musk. Citrus and neroli make up some of the top notes, which contract with the base and mid, for a mix that pulls from masculine and feminine influence. The men’s fragrance is more of an oriental, woody combination. A base of black vanilla is lifted with top notes of grapefruit, black pepper and cardamom, giving a heady, deep scent, cut with spicy citrus.

Obsessed is a welcome throwback for most of us, particularly the people involved in its production. Sorrenti has over 250 previously unseen prints, as well as film and diary entries that he is only now showcasing. Moss was 18 when he originally shot her for Calvin Klein. As they were involved at the time, that sensuality really comes through. Obsessed is very much following on that passion, bringing it to light again and it’s as sexy a scent as its predecessor.

Hot stuff.

Speaking of hot stuff, look at me in action! *wink*


Calvin Klein Obsessed For Women Eau de Parfum is availvable at, €64 for 50ml.

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