LIDL’s Cien-sational Beauty Bits

Right, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t have the time or the pocket to chase after those pricey beauty buys, I have a solution. Not only is the solution budget-happy, but you can nab these products during your weekly shop! Last year LIDL’s Cien brand expanded its range of haircare and cosmetics with real success and there are a few gems among the lot.

First up is hair. Cien Professional hit the shelves in 2016 with Repair Shampoo, €1.69; Repair Conditioner, €1.69; Heat Protection Spray, €1.79 and Intensive Repair Mask, €1.79. Aimed at rejuvenating tired hair, the keratin-infused collection is a steal. If you don’t torture your hair too much (with those hot as hell curlers and tongs that we love so much), the shampoo and conditioner alone will be plenty. And they have a lovely, light scent to boot!

Of course, we can’t forget the face. The cosmetics cover all the bases, with Cien’s BB Cream, €2.99; Eyeshadow, €1.99 each; Volume Mascara, €2.49; Waterproof Mascara, €2.49; Lipstick, €2.49 each; Lipgloss, €1.99 and their Nail Polish, €1.99, the finishing touch. With nothing priced above €3, how could we go wrong? If I were to recommend two products in particular, these would have to be the Waterproof Mascara, ideal for throwing in the beach bag and the lipsticks, which have such a lovely colour range that you couldn’t be disappointed. From sugar pinks, to perfect plums, the tones are fab.

Cien’s full list of haircare and cosmetics are permanently available in store.

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