One for the Boys… the Wet Brush Pro!

Ah, men and their hair. We’re aware of the importance placed on those follicles and the impact it has on the head they sprout from. It’s no surprise that the haircare industry for men is growing with ferocity.

A great little product popped up on my radar and it’s the Wet Brush Pro Men’s Brush, €14.45. The reason it’s so effective is that its designed to be gentle on the hair – preventing hair from ending up in the brush! The IntelliFlex brushes are firm on the first stroke, then give on the next, to minimise damage on longer hair. Very clever!

Even if your hair is short, the bristles have double-dipped, soft, poly tips, which massage the head gently as you brush. Will loves it, so you know it’s good!

The Wet Brush range is available from Boots, so head in for a look, or online at So worth it.

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