It takes one heck of a woman to turn a bad haircut into anything positive, let alone inventing a successful product and building a thriving business around it. To be honest, most of us have a cry in the bathroom and hope no one sees until it grows out – and if they do, we’ll probably swear on our pet’s life that we love it, to save face. Thankfully, Sharon Rabi, co-founder and inventor of the DAFNI brush did not follow these miserable tendencies. After getting a shorter-than-requested chop in the hairdressers at age 24, she grabbed a flat iron hair straightener for help. But finding it time-consuming and awkward to use, she and her dad spent three years working on her 3D hair straightening brush and voila! Success!

The DAFNI runs through the hair like a regular hair brush, but the heated tool smoothens and straightens as it goes. It’s not the flattened effect you’ll get with a traditional straightening iron, but it gives gorgeously straight, tamed results, diminishing that hideous morning fuzz most of us wake up with. It’s suitable for thicker hair as well, so don’t be worrying about it handling that insane mane.

There’s no strict ‘how-to’, just run it through dry, brushed hair. And if you like a gentle flick to the hair, turn the brush inwards or outwards as you come to the end of each strand, to give it the desired shape.

Happy brushing… or should I say straightening? BOTH!

The DAFNI brush is available for €149 at The DAFNI Go, a portable version, is also up for grabs at €115.


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