Life Column: Thanks, it’s New!

Hello September, all shiny and fresh – step inside as Triona McCarthy has been expecting you. She has lots of beauty newbies to get you settled into next season.


Triona’s Top Trends

How is it September already? It was July last week… wasn’t it? OK, I’d better start picking out Halloween costumes, oh, and begin the Christmas shopping. I swear life is getting faster and faster – I mean Maxi, my five-year-old, just started school last week (Hello, Ms McCormick!) So with that in mind, I think we should talk about great new beauty-school supplies.


Just looking at the Anya Hindmarch Happy Eyes appliqued shell cosmetics case, €225, makes me happy. The price tag, not so much!


Pop in this Charlotte Tilbury Three-Way Eyebrow Pencil Tool, €30, and save some bucks! Not only does it have a spoolie brush, it also has a highlighter to give your eyes an instant lift – use it under the brow bone. There’s a triangular-shaped brow cream-pencil for defining and shaping your brows too!


A Billion Dollar Brow Buddy, €25, is a foolproof piece of kit if you want to create professional-looking brows by yourself.


NudeStix Skin Pencil Clean-up, €27.95, removes you beauty boo-boos with a single swipe; it’s just perfect for erasing wonky eye or lip liner.


Get top marks for washing your make-up brushes as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean yours with Ella & Joe Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser, €20, – Ella & Joe is a new Irish brand.


Most Wanted

September is like the New Year all over again – where I try to undo the damage of the summer and start afresh. My hair was looking a little lacklustre, so I tried out Kerastase Baume Miracle, €39. It’s part of Kerastase’s awesome Aura Botanica range, which uses 99% natural-origin ingredients. The super hydrating formula fed my hair! Top tip: You can use it on dry skin as well!


Tourist Advice

I feel like I’m working for the West Cork Tourist Board at the mo! I spend so much of my day answering messages about where to rest, eat and play on the Irish riviera. So please, pop MUA Siobhan O’Mahony’s deets into your phone, as she’s who I always recommend for getting your glam on, at her stylish and chic beauty rooms in Clonakilty.

After many years in the industry – she was the national training manager for Clarins – Siobhan branched our on her own. Speaking of branches, she makes the most beautiful branch wall-hangings; they’re displayed in her studio. So not only is Siobhan an incredibly creative and wonderful human, she’ll make you look like the best version of yourself. She made me up for the recent Ardfield Summer Festival event, and I literally could not have loved my make-up more, and was so happy with my glowy look, inspired by Miranda Kerr.



Huffin & Puffin

This Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder, €12.95, is perfect for keeping my make-up intact all day long, even if I’ve done the school run, jumped on a plane for a launch in London, and returned home by bedtime – which happens a lot.

The lightweight, oil-fighting formula is fantastic, but it’s the pretty powder-puff applicator attached to the cap that’s the dream, as it’s really easy and convenient to use. Top tip: This is the perfect powder for ‘baking; your make-up – letting translucent powder sit on your face for five – ten minutes after applying it.

Triona’s Trick

Re-purpose old tubes of toothpaste. Cut off the flat edge, wash out the tube and refill it with icing when you are making cupcakes to get into teacher’s good books! Eyeshadow applicators are also useful for arts and crafts projects – so don’t trash these, either.


Cult Product

Praise to Penneys on achieving a cruelty-free International Leaping Bunny certification (the most trusted cruelty-free accreditation there is) for theor own brand = the PS range of skincare, make-up and haircare products.

Laura, my little sis, is a total #penneyshun; it’s the first place she visits when she gets in from Oz, where she lives. But this time, it’s PS Hydration Boost Face Mist, €6, which is packed with hydrating properties, including hyaluronic acid, em, somehow didn’t make it back in her bag when she was leaving.

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