Life Mag Column: Smell You Later – The Products That Keep You Looking & Smelling Good

Poetry, pigmentation and plant extracts. Yes it’s the crazy mix that our beauty guru has compiled to keep you looking and smelling good for the week!


Triona’s trends

I always say that smelling good is just as important as looking good. It makes scents!

Will is what I call a bestsmeller! He smells great all the time. Like, any time of the day. Now I know a lot of that has to do with attraction and genes and proper hygiene, but not everyone can be a bestsmeller. Or can they? Here are a few tips.

Drink up! When it comes to fragrance, if you want it to stay on your skin longer, your skin needs to be hydrated. Dry skin doesn’t hold scent, so it’s a good idea to also use a body lotion so there’s something for the fragrance to adhere to.

Where you apply your scent really makes a difference. For maximum diffusion, apply some fragrance to your pulse points: the inner wrists, the elbows, behind the knees and at the nape of the neck. If you prefer a more subtle effect, try spraying the fragrance in the air and then walk into it – like my mum Margaret does!

Now, having mastered the art of smelling good, how about some new launches to perfect the art?

If you are already a fan of Escentric Molecules, you will go crazy for these three new scents I spotted and sniffed in Seagreen, see

Project Renegades, below, €165 each, is the new offering from Mark Buxton, Geza Schoen and Bertrand Duchaufour – three classically-trained perfumers who broke the classic mould. Once again, these scents are unlike anything else on the market at the moment. Bertrand Duchaufour, below right, with it’s pink peppercorn is my favourite, although I love the rich fir and green juniper of Geza Schoen, below centre, while, my bestsmeller Will is even more raaaar when he wears Mark Buxton, far left.

Project Renegades

Triona’s trick

You should introduce your top lip to your bottom lip and shut the hell up!

Ooh! Nasty.

Now, here on this beauty page we’re all about nice, so I’d prefer if you pulled your bottom lip down and looked at the inside colour, as this shade indicates the tone of lipstick that’s your perfect nude colour.

Swish list

Redken’s All Soft Mega Mask

Looking for that swishy-hair effect? You know the one you do in front of the mirror when you’re just absolutely loving your hair. Then, eh, head this way.

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Redken’s new Mega Masks, €31. They are intense hair treatments in easy-to-apply, no-waste tubes, with benefits that last up to three washes.

Yes, three washes!

Redken has basically upgraded its award-winning, bestselling solutions. All Soft Mega Mask, above, is for dry and brittle hair; Extreme Mega Mask, below, is for damaged and sensitized hair; and Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask is for colour-treated hair.

They contain RCT Protein Complex – here’s the science bit – a smart, targeted delivery system, which delivers the appropriate treatment to each level of the hair – root, core and tip.

Best of all, the unique dual-chamber design includes two different formulas: a mask to provide intense conditioning, and a care extender, which provides specified, tailored benefits that last.

Redken’s Extreme Mega Mask

Jump for joy


We’d run out of rellies by the time my sister Anna came along, so my eldest brother Brendan and I are her godparents. It’s a role I still take seriously, even though Anna is now a newlywed – like Adele, above, apparently! So as well as giving her lots of spiritual advice – such as which vodka to drink – I make sure her physical needs are sorted, too. I recently sent Anna to see Joy Colleran at her award-winning Galway beauty clinic, Purejoy Laser and Advanced Skincare, to have a Skin Rejuvenation Facial, €100. It targets pigmentation, age spots, spider veins and blemishes in one 45 -minute session.

The results were dramatic, with a glow from her skin I haven’t seen since she was a baby!

Purejoy Laser and Advanced Skincare, tel: (091) 530-540, or see purejoy


Triona’s most wanted

The Shock mascara from YSL

“So when’s the book out?”

I must hear this comment at least once a week. The thing is, if I was to write a book, it wouldn’t be about skincare or make-up or how to be stylish.

Sure you get all that here in LIFE every Sunday!

My book would be about love.

My love of poetry.

Of course I’d have to call it Poetry-na!

John Mark Green’s poetry is a favourite of mine. One of my favourite poems of his is Sui Generis.

‘Some found her odd

For she loved poems

More than diamonds

And the necklaces

That she preferred

Were beautiful words

Skillfully strung.

From her rich heart

She made moments

Golden with laughter.

Some found her odd

But I thought her perfect.

A rare gem of a woman.’

Are you in shock?

Speaking of shock, The Shock, above €28, Debenhams, is a fabulous new mascara from YSL. It’s a super volumising mascara for dark, intense and dramatic volume.

It’s unbelievable. I put it on, and I’m quite literally shocked at the thickness of my lashes.


Cult product

Water mint-infused cleansing pads

Everyone needs a pot of these rosewater and water mint-infused cleansing pads, above, €23, from this works’ bestselling in transit no traces range. It’s a line specifically designed for travel, but it also works every day. These pads are far better for your face than wipes, as they’re filled full of natural actives and repairing plant oils.

The formula gently moisturises, removes grime and restores the skin’s pH balance. This definitely works for me!





*This piece first appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine on March 12th 2017*

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