It’s no secret that I enjoy the finer things in fashion and have always had a ‘buy less, but better’ attitude, which is why I’m naturally drawn to Wolford when it comes to hosiery. Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you – and give you some invaluable tips and styling tricks along the way!



It’s the go-to when it comes to the best underwear, bodysuits and, of course, tights, having been a powerhouse in women’s fashion for decades. They’re the luxe-lovers choice. My mum wore them and now I wear them. You just can’t beat a classic!



Less expensive tights have never really suited me, they’re ill-fitted or the fabric doesn’t sit comfortably on my skin, so it’s worth investing a little extra money into these important pieces. My mum Margaret only buys Wolford hosiery, as she finds the endless replacing of cheaper pairs a false economy.



Get the correct size. Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re a size small. Your height comes into play – particularly for woollen/heavier tights, as you don’t want them stretched too tightly over the skin.



It’s not only the initial purchase that’s important – it’s the maintenance. Wolford do Hosiery Gloves, €19, to pop on when you’re handling your tights. Sounds a bit wild, but they work wonderfully! (If you don’t have gloves, damp hands are best, as it makes the fabric more malleable.)



  1. Remember to avoid fabric softener, as it breaks the material down.
  2. Wash your delicates in a pillowcase or hosiery bag to avoid snags.
  3. When you’re putting tights on, roll them and pull on gently.
  4. If you’re a hold-ups fan, make sure to fold them over before putting them away, to prevent dust from ruining the sticky side of the bands.



The correct tone is so important when it comes to nude tights. With the perfect pair, ladders and holes should be invisible, as the skin underneath blends with the colour of the fabric.



If you’re unlucky enough to get a ladder, drop a dot of clear nail varnish on the spot where the snag is pulling – it will stop it in its tracks!



I’m a regular in and around the Wolford goodies in Brown Thomas – particularly during party dress season. And you know I’m an absolute magpie when it comes to sparkle and shine, so I couldn’t help but fall head-over-heels for their Jennifer Glitter Net Tights, €39. They look FAB under any LBD! Party-ready legs anyone?



One of my all-time favourite pieces is the Wolford FATAL Dress, €135. It looks simple enough, as it’s a strapless, ankle-length, bodycon dress, but this is honestly the most versatile thing in the world. It encompasses the design philosophy from the STAR(C)K NAKED range – a tights and tube dress combo – developed with phenomenal French designer Philippe Starck – I love him!

There are three ways to wear the FATAL dress…

  1. As a simple dress, put on as is.
  2. Roll the top part down and wear as a skirt – it’s so fitted that it holds up with ease and the extra fabric folds with no bulk.
  3. As a snood/scarf. It sounds a bit odd, I know, but you can literally loop the dress around your neck like a rounded scarf – and then pull some of the fabric over your hair to make a hood!


Myself and the fabulous Philippe Starck!



Speaking of multi-functional wardrobe choices, a good bodysuit looks incredible with jeans or a skirt. I have the Pure String Body, €120, in black and I love the shape it gives me. The fabric is super light and soft, and the ¾ length sleeves are extremely flattering – if your sleeve length falls just at your waistline, it highlights the smallest part of the body.



In terms of creating a new outfit, the Body completely lifted an old summer dress of mine. I’ve had a black summer dress in the wardrobe for years, but I’ve never loved the short sleeves and awkward length. So, I put the Pure String Body underneath and added the Jennifer Glitter Net Tights and it was an instant party hit! The sparkling tights even enlivened the pair of old black sandals I had on, as they were rather dull, but as a combo, it looked very Prada-esque! See the transformation below…


Ta-da! My re-vamped, party-ready look, using the Pure String Body and the Jennifer Glitter Net Tights!



Wolford reminds us that almost always, quality is paramount and splashing out that little bit more will save you extra spending in the future – buy pieces that last and won’t date!


*Wolford is stocked in The Lingerie Room on Level 3 in Brown Thomas and online here. I myself will be there this Thursday, 7th of December for a Hosiery & Shapewear Workshop at 6.30pm. To attend, simply pop an email over to See you there!*


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