Top Tips For A Quick Christmas Shop With TK Maxx

Every year I have the best of intentions to be more organised and have all my Christmas shopping done by Christmas week.
At least!
But it never happens.
I realise now, I need a deadline to get anything done.
I can only pack for a trip away, when the taxi is outside and the driver is ringing me to hurry up, then and only THEN can I suddenly see what I need to bring with me!
So when TK Maxx got in touch to see if I could do all my last minute Christmas shopping in just twenty minutes, it was a challenge I knew I could nail.
No bother.
TK Maxx afterall is a one stop shop for all gifting needs.
So if like me, you’re a last minute Lizzie or Larry – paste these tips into your notes on your phone and get shopping!
*Make a list beforehand of who you’re buying for and a spending limit.
Remember, how much you care about someone does not need to be reflected in the price paid for gifts.
*Fish for information as well beforehand.
It’s a lot less stressful when you have some inkling about what they need AND far more thoughtful.
Look at label sizes on something they have already.
*Monogramming is over folks!!!!
If you really want to personalise a present-buy something that really suits somebody rather than a random yoke with their initials on it!
*Divide and conquer.
List all the ladies you’re buying for together, the men, kids etc, then when you’re in store, go to each section and buy their gifts and cross off as you go through them, rather than running  between all the different sections.
Although, some of the best presents I’ve bought have appeared as if by magic in front of my eyes at TK Maxx!
I go in thinking I’m getting a cashmere jumper for Will and come out with amazing car mats that he much prefers- it’s that unpredictable.
*Put aside a few hours to shop by yourself and don’t bring friends or family with you – keep distractions to a minimum, if possible!
*Approach it like you would a mission… and treat yourself to a coffee and maybe some me time at the salon afterward.
*Try to shop as early as possible in the day and during the week if possible, when it’s a little quieter.
Although you might want to go back at the weekend as TK Maxx stores receive several deliveries per week with each delivery containing thousands of items, which means stock is consistently fresh and there’s always something new to discover.
*Don’t forget to remember-if you love it, grab it!
*Get a gift receipt – for everything.
For even more tips, see the full version here!
Now off you go.
You’re welcome!

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