The Mini Treatment: How we combat eczema with Eucerin

Eczema is a common skin irritation that many of us can suffer from at any age. 

Be it a mild flare up from time-to-time or a constant itch that keeps us up all night, eczema is a sure sign that the skin isn’t holding onto enough moisture. And that’s what causes broken, red and flaky skin.

My four-year-old Mini is prone to eczema, especially on her wrists and upper arms, so when it comes to managing it, finding a product that’s kind to her sensitive skin is top priority. 

I often do a #sundayfacial or #sundayselfcare and now I have Mini in on it as well.

This is how I manage any flare ups with a ‘mini’ (sorry!) treatment that’s gentle enough on her skin – and even works on me, too.

First, we use Eucerin’s AtoControl Bath and Shower oil , €15.99. It’s really good on Mini’s skin and is easy to incorporate into her bath routine. We find that it’s the only thing that keeps her eczema under control, so we make sure to use it every time she hops in the tub. It’s free from any preservatives, fragrances or colourants which are the first things to avoid when it comes to treating eczema or other skin irritations. 

Then we add Mini’s favourite cream  Eucerin Intensive Lotion 10% Urea Cutaneous Emulsion, €13. This gentle lotion is suitable for daily all over body use. Specially developed with urea and natural lipids, to help maintain the skin’s natural balance by forming a protective layer on the skin preventing it from further moisture loss and replenishes the urea lost when the skin becomes dry, keeping skin smooth and supple. 

It’s the perfect follow up after she has patted (not rubbed!) her skin dry after bath time. In fact, we both love this one.

If it’s a hair washing day, I use Eucerin DermoCapillaire Calming 5% Urea Shampoo to gently cleanse Mini’s hair as it  helps to relieve the symptoms of scalp irritation, which she also gets.

Mini often complains of  itchiness and sensitivity. This contains urea and lactate which helps prevent the scalp from drying out, restores the scalps’ natural balance and conditions the hair making it feel soft with a healthy shine. This mild and fragrance-free shampoo is suitable for use on atopic dermatitis and children over three years of age. 

So, there you have it, the perfect #sundayselfcare treatment for Mini’s sensitive, eczema prone skin.

Find the Eucerin range at all good pharmacies and Boots, nationwide.

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