I’ve never claimed to be a Domestic Goddess, more of a Domestic Godhelpus!
Lately though, I’ve been busying snazzying up our house-a converted coach house dating back to the 1800s.
I work from home, so I film here, have meetings, photoshoots as well as regular life living here with my hubby Will and kiddiwinks Maxi and Mini.
Maxi has just turned five and Mini is three and both are basically little Picassos having painted, pawed, crayoned, coloured in and peed on every surface!
Washing their art attacks off the walls left the place looking a lil shabby and not chic so I decided it was time to call in the experts and give the place a make over.

I decided I’d start in our bedroom.

I wanted to show off my Matthew Williamson chair, that I paid a small fortune for having visited it monthly for a few years,  in Arnotts, before finally making it mine when it went down to a more manageable amount in the sale.

I also called up my pal Bernie Fitzpatrick -see http://www.berniefitzpatrickinteriors.ie- for some advice on what to do.
One of the first things she insisted I do was check out Colourtrend paints.
They’re an Irish company, based in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.
Their paint is 100% Irish-made and true to their brand name, they have a fantastic colour selection available.
Bernie explained how the paint I had on the walls wasn’t child friendly and not suitable for washing.
How did I not know this?!!!
I wanted to keep the place light and bright and so began the process of finding the perfect pale shade of white.
Again, I never knew how many shades of white there are!

I might be good at painting faces and picking out the perfect foundation colour or red lipstick, but painting walls would not be my forte.
Thankfully Bernie was an absolute mine of information and tips.
After much deliberation and a lot of help from fellow Colourtrend fans on my Instagram, we nearly went with Winter’s Breath but decided on Shell Cove for the walls of the bedroom-a soft, serene of white.
Sugar Dust – don’t you love that name -a wonderful white although sprinkled with, get this, a delightful mix of yellow and black-was what we opted for on the ceiling and any of the woodwork like the radiator cabinet-pictured.
If you’re at a complete loss as to what you want, search the entire colour wheel here https://www.colourtrend.ie/colour-visualiser/

It’s great for seeing tones together, so you can choose a few different, but complimentary, shades for around the house.

They have a trio of finishes in each of the paint – interior matt, ceramic matt and soft sheen, to help you get the exact look you want.

The website also gives you all of the details – even giving you the drying time!

Mini my lil assistant was on hand to take in the serene shades even when my old disco ball-form my Party McCarthy years-illuminated the whole place!


Colourtrend also provide exterior paint.

Remember, these guys know what our weather is like, so they’re aware of how tough this paint needs to be to survive!

To buy online or to see a list of stockists around the country, see their website www.colourtrend.ie.

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