A Parisian Experience with French Skincare Brand LIERAC


Recently, I was taken on a Parisian adventure with French skincare brand LIERAC, who ventured to our Irish shores in May of this year for the first time – what better way to get acquainted! The trip was a decadent mixture of scoping out their high-end products and tasting (literally, in some cases!) the delights of the city.



Before I tell you tales of fine food and atelier antics, I have to mention their new Premium range, designed to target all those pesky aging tells, like deep wrinkles and dark spots. I know! ANOTHER anti-aging contestant in the saturated market. BUT, this collection must be revered for its luxury alone. The focus on age-defiance and wrinkle-filling is simply a bonus. Inspired by regenerative medicine, there is an impressive list of ingredients for each of the products in the range, including precious oils like almond, argan and sesame and oleo-active ingredients from flowers like the black orchid and black poppy. Like I said, luxe! The Voluptuous Cream, €129, packs a serious moisture punch. Sitting on a cushion of velvet, this lovely jar contains a rich, silky crème that smells as good as it feels. And if a cream isn’t your style, there’s a lighter option in the Elixir Sumptuous Oil, €121.

LIERAC Premium The Voluptuous Cream
LIERAC Premium Elixir Sumptuous Oil



The trip itself for the product introduction was full of nicies (take me back!). Take a peek at the schedule below. Not only was there a visit to the Atelier at Musée du Parfum, a thoroughly engaging and sensory experience, but we took a little time to get pampered at Salon Patrick Alés before a to-die-for dining situation. Beef tenderloin and truffle ravioli? Oh god, yes. #spoiled

Making notes!


The press schedule and dinner menu from our dreamy day.


What better way to experience French skincare than to go to the home country and get stuck in. Best job in the world? Sometimes it certainly is!!


LIERAC launched in Ireland in May 2017 and can be ordered through grahamanthony.ie.

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