The One

THE_ONE__Compatibility_Mode_My fail-safe party item is a LBD of course.
You can never have enough so you must ALWAYS be on the look out for ‘The One’ and if you find a perfect fit, buy it no matter the price tag, whether it is Primark or Prada as the Cost per Wear Rule states Cost ÷ Number of Times Worn =Priceless.

I have one black dress from Pied a Terre, a few years old now that I wear sooo much! I mix up my accessories with it and no one seems to notice it’s the same dress! I’ve even worn it when I was preggers with Maxi AND Mini.

Although I think I need a newbie and this lil number from is on my wishlist.
The ASOS Premium Scuba Deep Fold Off The Shoudler Bardot Midi Pencil Dress, €70.42

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