“Do you like my bubble beard Mummy?”

“Can’t we stay in for a bit longer?”

“I love all my duckies Mummy!”

“I DON’T WANT to get out !”

My little boy Maxi who’s three and his sister Mini who’s two, LOVE bath time, ever since they were born.

“Hey Mini!” “Yes Maxi.” “Isn’t bath time the best part of the day?” “Yes bro!”


As a busy working Mum, I really believe in the power of bath time for bonding, learning and activity, every evening.

It’s my favourite part of the day and part of their evening ritual.

Dinner, then bath then story then bed.


Bath time with Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath and lil Duckie!


As a qualified massage therapist, I’m also aware of how beneficial it is for them to have that kind of skin contact daily, if possible.

Now, I’ve always been a Johnson’s fan as my Mum Margaret used their products on us as children, so their scents are so familiar to me.

I find the  fresh, clean scent signals the end of a long day and provides the perfect antidote to the fast pace of modern life.

As a beauty writer I spend my days wiping and swiping lotions and potions so I’m always investigating what works and what doesn’t.

I know from my own research that Johnson’s work with dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians and midwives to ensure that their products are safe, mild and gentle enough to use even   on baby’s delicate skin.


“Is it bath time yet Mummy?”


So when they invited M&M and I to do a lil experiment with them, we were all aboard!

Ahoy there Top to Toe rose-petal test.

You can watch my lil homemade video here on Youtube.



This very simple demonstration clearly shows just how gentle the product is on something as delicate as rose petals, in comparison to that of regular baby soap from another brand.

As you can see from the video, we simply popped one rose in 10mls of Johnson’s Top to Toe Bath and the other rose in some baby soap and left them fro 24 hours.

The results were quite unexpected.

I couldn’t believe how the rose in the baby soap had corroded!

The rose in the Johnson’s hadn’t changed at all.


It certainly reassured me that I’m using the best products for my kiddies skin.

They have more sensitive skin than I do as they’re more like their Dad Will, who’s a red head.

Basically, they both have a hint of red in their hair and Daddy’s skin.

They’ve reacted to other baby products in the past, but not Johnson’s so that’s why the rose test shouldn’t really have surprised me but seeing the difference in the two roses in my hands somehow just made it all the more real.

There you go now!

Till next time.




Maxi and Mini say hi!

** This is sponsored blog post in association with Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath **

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