Enchant Your Senses With The Viktor & Rolf Magic Fragrance Collection

True to their imaginative and provocative approach to their work, Viktor & Rolf have created six stunning new unisex fragrances, built upon an enchanting, spellbinding theme that you won’t be able to resist. The concept pulls ideas from traditional magical lore, with potions, tarot cards and spells seen across the design. The beautiful bottles draw inspiration from apothecary glassware, with eye-catching bubble details set into the glass, giving the impression of movement where there is none. Clever!


Each fragrance has been given its own world to inhabit, with tattoo-like, surrealistic illustrations assigned to each one. They depict some of the ingredients their particular perfume is concocted from, hidden amongst beautiful, hand-drawn imagery. It’s not every day a perfume is given a full back-story, now is it?

The fragrance focus across each of the six is on beautiful, heady ingredients like sage, rose and lavender. Lavender Illusion is an effective combination of heavy, decadent lavender and fresh citrus caviar notes. Dancing Roses takes the traditional rose petal fragrance and adds hints of cherry to modernise and liven – it’s so gorgeous you may want to drown in it!


Liquid Diamonds is a clean scent, with a musky, floral bouquet. This is a nice contrast to Sparkling Secret, a sweet citrus mix, with orange blossom hints that ring fresh and light. Things then get a little heated with Dirty Trick, with ticklings of iris and ink combining to form this sexy scent. And lastly, a particularly innovative one, Sage Spell, incorporates wormwood – an unusual choice for perfumers – to belay a bitter scent, softened with earthy sage.

Even the sound of the ingredients/accords alone are strangely enticing! Rare scents, like those of the wormwood and citrus caviar take these perfumes somewhere new and unexpected, which allows them to stand out and catch our attention. It’s refreshing to see experimentation and real playfulness take hold in this age-old industry.

The Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection will be available from spring, 2017.

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