So, this afternoon I was on Today with Maura and Daithi, diving into arts and culture and planning the ultimate to-do’s for the coming weekend. Make room in your plans, because these are worth a watch!
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Let’s just start by saying, I don’t do sad.
I cried watching Say Yes to the Dress for goodness sake, then I watched the Axel Foley documentary by mistake and was in bits so after that I had to literally psych myself up to watch this.
I had a quick look at it when I got the link and thought ‘yeah, this is going to make me feel depressed’ a fecking film about this guy called Simon Fitzmaurice, a film maker who’s diagnosed with MND at 34.
It has all the tear jerker elements – good looking guy, struck down in his prime, a beautiful wife and adorable young kids.
Snot fest guaranteed.
So, I put off watching it till late last night and I’m now so grateful Today ‘made me’ watch it as I was blown away.
It sucked me in from the start, with powerful lines beautifully narrated by Colin Farrell, that I can’t get out of my head like “I am unable to speak, swallow or even breathe without artificial help. But I can still feel… everything!”
It’s a story of love, hope, survival but it’s never cringey or makes me feel crappy.
It’s uplifting and I’m all the better for seeing it.
Refusing to be defined by his illness, Simon, a real life hero, defies the odds, defies medicine and science by fathering two more children and writing and directing his first major film.
Everyone needs to go see this film.
It should be part of the school curriculum.
I’m gushing I know but it’s that powerful.
The way it’s shot, even the music is bang on.
“There is no surviving,only living or dying. I have decided to live.”
I spent half the night googling Simon and his brilliant wife Ruth, the author of I Found My Tribe, the best-selling book.
Yes,I’ve ordered it and can’t wait to read it.
The Fitzmaurice family are my new obsession.
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Now for something completely different on RTE2.
What a great format, something I’m sure lots of people will say ‘why didn’t I think of this!’. It’s set in a Dublin salon where clients have their hair and make up done, as well as solving their problems as they have their particular dilemma discussed on the salon floor, revealing a verdict as well as a new do.
It’s essentially about the relationship between hairdressers and their clients, and how life-changing it can be and how what’s in your head matters as much as what’s on it.
It’s a slick production, great graphics, V.O. by Katherine Lynch and some great characters like hairdresser Stephanie – who loves botox and has a boob job – and Cork blogger and MUA, Lisa Jordan.
Rosemary McCabe, a well known blogger,  talks about how she doesn’t know if she wants babies, that’s her dilemma, the salon gets busy discussing it and reveals their verdict.
Then Cathal, who has Aspergers, wonders if he should reveal it on a first date.
It’s all very human and definitely worth a watch!

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