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With brighter days here, it’s time to liven up your beauty duty to blast you right into summer.

This and much, much more from our blue-eyed beauty expert Triona McCarthy.



I’ve realized lately, that I’ve got much better at applying fake tan.
My efforts-in the past, mind- often resulted in strange streaks resembling extraordinary body art!
I am very artistic after all I suppose!
Fake tan can really be goof proof and even Triona proof if you follow these simple rules.

Shower first and prepare skin by using He-Shi Exfoliating Gloves, 5.25, to slough off dead skin cells for a more even tan as well as prolonging the length of time your tan will last. An invigorating sesh with these is also great for the texture, tone and circulation.
Pay particular attention to feet, knees and elbows.


Wait at least an hour or more after showering as some shower products can leave skin very alkaline, which will make your tan turn orange so something like BronZ’Express Shower Gel Scrub, €23, that’s specially formulated to be used in association with BronZ’Express self-tanners to give you a more even and glowing tan.

On to the application. There are so many new tans on the market. My favourites include James Read Coconut Water Tan Mist, €25. It works over the top of your SPF, dries and cools as you mist, has no colour transfer and lasts for seven days and gives you a gorgeous golden tan. His H2O Tan Mist, €25, was in my fridge to add a extra cooling affect during the recent heatwave. The key ingredients Aloe Vera, Rose Water & Chamomile together are hydrating, moisturising and anti-inflammatory!

This rose water tan mist does not transfer onto clothes, has no self-tan smell, is vegan friendly and is great to work over the top of your SPF, moisturiser or makeup. 

Use this twice a day to give yourself a week long tan that always fades naturally.

Now, one of the most common complaints about a tan is that it fades away too quickly. BronZ’Express Beautifying Moisturizing Lotion ,€20,  is a non-greasy body lotion that hydrates and soothes the skin enhancing and prolonging the tan with a beautiful subtle floral scent. Ingredients include Collagen from the sea, Thermal seaweed extract, Moisturizing complex of plant origin and Allantoin which softens and calms irritations.


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 
There’s been a few late-night pizza binges, followed the next morning with chocolate cake and cream for brekkie!
So the pounds are piling on faster than you can say Temporary Transforamtion!
Pray, how can I ever repent?
What’s that, Father? 
South William Clinic & Spa have SculpSure, the latest innovation in non-invasive body sculpting.

It targets stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise such as tummy, flanks, thighs and bum using lasers and heat to permanently destroy the cells which leave the body through the natural lymphatic system over 6-12 weeks. 

Treatments take just 25 minutes per session, with a minimum of 2 sessions required. The final result is visible 12 weeks after the final treatment.

Ooh, I like the sound of that!
I’m booking myself in, faster than you can say, “Hail, Mary.”
Can I get an Amen?
For more information visit:


My spare tyre, isn’t anywhere near my car, if you know what I mean!
Clarins Toning Body Balm, €38, is a new favourite of mine after I saw beauty expert Siobhan O’Mahony demoing it.

Containing a firming blend of Ginseng and Apple Seed Oil, it soothes dryness for supple-looking skin, while the aromatic essences of Geranium, Rosewood, Mint and Rosemary are addictive.

Smooth on after Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate and Tonic Body Treatment Oil for an at-home spa type treat.

TIP: Apply with light smoothing motions from the ankles to the waist, then from wrists to shoulders.

She’s got eyes of the bluest skies 
As if they thought of rain 
I hate to look into those eyes 
And see an ounce of pain’…

Ooh, I used to love that Guns ‘n’ Roses song and just like the bands name this Tom Ford body unisex spray, is a real mixture of masculine and feminine.

Sole di Positano, €52.



The specially designed 360 spray gun technology means you can ergonomically
spray sideways, upside down and any which way on neck, arms, legs and torso.

Have you noticed after the recent heatwave, a thick deposit in the rings around the top of your foundation bottle?That’s just where the moisture that was in it has evaporated.
So what’s left is more concentrated.. Just like concealer.


Does your face hang low? 
Does it wobble to and fro?
Well, before you’re able to tie it in a knot, check out this yoke!

The Sarah Chapman Facial Lift Tool, €30, mimics the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of the Sarah Chapman Skinesis signature massage technique to drain toxins and reduce puffiness.

Knot bad!



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